Spring 1 2016 | Webster University

Columbia Schedules and Syllabi

Spring 1 2016

Term: January 4, 2016 - March 4, 2016

Drop Deadline Date: January 15, 2016
Withdraw Deadline Date: February 12, 2016
Special Requirements:  All COUN students registering for COUN 6000 must attend Practicum Orientation.



Course Section Description Instructor
BUSN 5000 5A Business Stuckey, Caleisha
BUSN 5200 5A  Basic Finance for Managers  Setzer, Sharon 
BUSN 6070 5A Managerial Accounting Hicks, Steven
COUN 5020 5A  Foundations of Counseling  George, Rebecca 
COUN 5800 5A  Professional Orientation  Ransom, Melvin
COUN6500A 5A  Internship (1.5) CANCELLED Olden, Stacy 
HRMG 5700 5A  Employment Law  Babb, Gwen 
COUN 5230 5A Psychodiagnostics Barker, Larry
HLTH 5040 5A HRMG in Health Administration Busbee, Bruce 
HLTH 5070 5A  Financial Analysis  Barnes, Mark 
HLTH 5070 54 Financial Analysis Barnes, Mark
HLTH 6000 5A Integrated Studies in Health Administration Cauthen-Crosby
HRDV 5000 5A  Human Resources Development  Epps, Pinkney
HRDV 5700 5A  Career Management  Heremuru, Camuy 
HRMG 5000 5A  Managing Human Resources  Smith, Jerome 
MNGT 5000 5A Management Richardson, Michelle
MNGT 6000 5A Integrated Studies in Management Pruitt, William
COUN 5220 5A  Assessment  Ransom, Melvin 
COUN 5600 5A  Techniques of Group Counseling  Laskis, Tim 
COUN 5670 5A  Counseling of Children  Bailey-Padgett, Lydia 
FINC 5880 5A  Advanced Corporate Finance  Perry, John 
HLTH 5000 5A  Organization and Management  Perritt, Kelley 
HLTH 5100 5A  Statistics for Health  Busbee, Bruce 
HRDV 6000 5A Integrated Studies in HRDV Bell, Floyd
HRMG 6000 5A Integrated Studies in HRMG Bell, Floyd
MNGT 5670 5A  Managerial Leadership  Anderson, Christian 
BUSN 5620 5A  Current Economic Analysis  Craib, Kenneth 
COUN 6000 5A  Counseling Learning Practicum (3.0) Fey, Mary Ann
COUN 6100 5A  Counseling Learning Practicum (1.5) Fey. Mary Ann
COUN 6200 5A  Counseling Learning Practicum (1.5) Fey, Mary Ann
COUN6500B 5B  Internship (1.5) George, Rebecca
HRDV 5630 5A  Organizational Development and Change Copley, Donald
HRMG 5920 5A  Compensation  Duncan, Benjamin 
HRMG 5930 5A  Labor Management Relations  Stuckey, Caleisha
MNGT 5590 5A Organizational Behavior Davis, Robin



Course Section Description Instructor
MNGT3280 5E Introduction to Business Law Allen, David
MNGT3860 5A Social and Economic Issues in Health Care  Edmonds, Rodney
 SOCI 2375 5A  Social Problems  Corppetts, Yvonne 
ACCT 2010 5A  Financial Accounting  Oyneocha, Joseph
PSYC 3575 5A  Industrial/Organizational Psych  Holmes, Charlene 
MNGT3500 5A   Marketing  Miller, Melvin
PSYC 2825 5A  Intro to Research Methods Anderson-Woodard, P 
PSYC 3600 5A  Social Psychology Reese, Valarie 
MNGT 3450 5A  Principles of Organizational Behavior  Graves, Eric
PSYC 1100 5A Introduction to Psychology Morgan, April
PSYC 3900 5A  Introduction to Counseling Holmes, Charlene