Spring 1 2017 Schedule | Webster University

Spring 1 2017 Schedule

January 2017 - March 2017
January 6 -     first day to log into SP 1 online classes
January 9 -     Spring 1 classes begin
January 16 -   Martin Luther King Jr. Day - campus closed
January 20 -   Spring 1 drop deadline
February 17 - Spring 1 withdrawal deadline
March 2 -       Registration for Summer 2017 classes begin
March 10 -     Spring 1 classes end
March 13-17  Spring Break
March 17 -     Spring 1 grades due from faculty

Course   Section Description Instructor
 BUSN 5000    5A  Business  Scott, M
 BUSN 6070    5A  Management Accounting  Okai-Adjetey
 COUN 5020    5A  Foundations of Counseling  George, R
 COUN 5800    5A  Professional Orientation  Olden, S
 COUN 6500    5A  Internship (1.5) (Cancelled)  Barker, L
 HLTH 5000    5A  Organization and Management  Prentice
 HLTH 5040    5A  Human Resource Management  Busbee, B
 HLTH 5050    5A  Financial Management (Cancelled)  Cockrell
 HRDV 5630    5A  Organization Development  Howard, W
 HRMG 5920    5A  Compensation  Oladapo
 HRMG 5930    5A  Labor-Management Relation (cancelled)  Staff
 MNGT 5000    5A  Management  Richardson
COUN 5600   5A Techniques of Group Counseling Laskis, T
COUN 5600   5B Techniques of Group Counseling Olden, S
COUN 6000   5A Counseling Learning (3.0) Band, J
COUN 6100   5A Counseling Learning (1.5) Band, J
FINC 5880   5A Advanced Corporate Financial Perry, J
HLTH 6000   5A Integrated Studies Cauthen, D
HRDV 5700   5A Career Management Heremuru
HRMG 5000   5A Managing Human Resources Smith, J
MNGT 5670   5A Managerial Leadership Anderson
MNGT 6000   5A Integrated Studies in Management Pruitt, W
 BUSN 5200    5A Basic Finance for Manager  Gawler, J 
BUSN 6200    5A Strategy and Competition Perry, J
 COUN 5650    5A Conjoint Counseling   Martin, J
 COUN 5670    5A  Counseling of Children  Bailey-Padgett
 FINC 5000    5A Finance  Fletcher 
 HLTH 5100    5A Statistics for Health  Knight, C 
HLTH 5100   38 Statistics for Health Knight, C
 HRDV 5000    5A Introduction to Human Resources  Fields, K 
 HRDV 6000    5A Integrated Studies in HRDV  Bell, F 
HRMG 6000   5A Integrated Studies in HRMG Bell, F
 BUSN 5620    5A Current Economic Analysis  Craib, K 
 COUN 6500    5B Internship (1.5)  George, R 
 HRMG 5700    5A Employment Law  Singleton
 HRMG 5800    5A Staffing and Selection  Woodfaulk 
 MNGT 5590   5A  Organizational Behavior  Howard, W
 MRKT 5950   5A  Consumer Behavior  Miller, M 


Course Section Description Instructor
 ECON 2020 5A   Principles  of Microeconomics Craib, K 
 MNGT 4600 5A   Contemporary Human Resources Pruitt, W
 PSYC 4550  5A Drug and Chemical  Anderson 
 ACCT 2010 5A  Financial Accounting I   Onyeocha
 MNGT 3500 5A  Marketing  Perritt, K
 PSYC 2750 5A  Introduction to Measurement  Woodard, P 
 MNGT 2100 5A  Management Theory   Duncan
MNGT 3860 5A Social and Economic Issues Epps, P
 RELG 1080 5A  Thinking Through Religion   Montgomery
 MNGT 3450  5A  Principles of Organization  Graves, E