Spring 2 2019 Term Schedule | Webster University

Spring 2 2019 Term Schedule

March 18, 2019 - May 17, 2019

March 18:  Spring 2 classes start
March 29:  Spring 2 Drop Deadline
April 8:       Fall 2019 Registration begins
April 26:     Spring 2 Withdrawal Deadline
May 17:     Spring 2 classes end
May 24:     Spring 2 grades due from faculty


Course Section Description Instructor
BUSN 5600 5E Accounting Theory Cunningham, P
BUSN 5760 5E Applied Business Statistics Pruitt, Jr.
COUN 5100 5E  Social and Cultural Foundations  George, R 
COUN 5230 5E   Psycho-Diagnostics (WebNet+ COLM)  Okei, O
COUN 5540 5E  Family Systems Theory (WebNet+ CHAR) LaCubbert, J
HLTH 5120 5E Issues in Health Policy (WebNet+ CHAR) Fraser, D
HRDV 5710 5E  Diversity in the Workplace  Barfield-Hughes
HRMG 5700 5E Employment Law Babb, G
MNGT 5670 5E Managerial Leadership Sanderson
MNGT 6000 5E Integrated Studies in Management Yudice, S
BUSN 5620 5E Current Economic Analysis Grewal, H
COUN 5150 5E  Psycho-Pathology (WebNet+ CHAR) Segedin
COUN 5160 5E  Issues in Counseling: LGBTQ Issues   (CANCELLED) Okei, O
FINC 5880 5E Advanced Corporate Finance Ndekuguri, A
HLTH 6000 5E  Integrated Studies in Health  Cauthen 
HRDV 5560 5E Group Development Worku, T
HRDV 5610 5E  Training and Development  Gates, R 
HRMG 5000 5E  Managing Human Resources  Heremuru 
HRMG 5800 5E  Staffing  Woodfaulk 
MNGT 5590 5E  Organizational Behavior  Pruitt, W
MNGT 5650 5E  Management and Strategy  Gerald, L 
BUSN 5000 5E Business Scott, M
BUSN 6200 5E Strategy and Competition (WebNet+ GREN) Hemmerling
COUN 5220 5E  Assessment (WebNet+ MYRT) O'Brien, D
COUN 6200 5E  Counseling Learning Practicum  George, R 
COUN 6500 5E Internship George, R
HLTH 5000 5E Organization and Management Jones, Amanda
HLTH 5070 5E  Financial Analysis in Health (WebNet+ CHAR) Alsdurf
HRDV 5000 5E Introduction to HRDV (CANCELLED) Cauthen, D
HRDV 6000 5E Integrated Studies in HRDV Bell, F
HRMG 5690 5E Workforce Retention Duncan, B
HRMG 6000 5E Integrated Studies in HRMG Bell, F
MNGT 5000 5E Management Graves, E
MNGT 5990 5E Corporate Responsibility and Society Milczewski, J
BUSN 6110 5E Operations and Project Milczewski, J
HRDV 5700 5E Career Management Heremuru, C
HRMG 5930 5E  Labor Management Relation  Singleton, D
MNGT 5950 5E The Woman Manager Woodfaulk
MRKT 5000 5E Marketing Miller, M


Course Section Description Instructor
ECON2000 5E  Survey of Economics (WebNet+ Host: COLM)  Grewal, H
CRIM 1100 5E Intro to Criminology and Criminal Justice (WebNet+ Host: COLM) Patterson, S
KEYS4008 5E Keystone Seminar: Leading From Where You Are (WebNet+ Host: COLM) Jones, Alice
CSIS 1500 5E  Introduction to Business Technology (WebNet+ Host: CHAR)  Richardson 
MNGT4900  5E  Managerial Policies and Strategies (WebNet+ Host: GREN)  Satterfield
PSYC3350 5E Cognitive Psychology (WebNet+ Host: CHAR) Hull, S
PSYC3025  5E  Psychology and Ethics (WebNet+ Host: COLM) Anderson-Brown