Summer 2017 Schedule | Webster University

Summer 2017 Schedule

May 29, 2017 - July 28, 2017

Important Dates
May 29, 2017 - Memorial Day
June 9, 2017 - Summer session drop deadline
July 4, 2017 - Independence Day - Campus Closed
July 7, 2017 - Summer session withdrawal deadline
July 28, 2017 - Summer session ends
August 11, 2017 - Final grades due from faculty
April 10, 2017 - Fall Registration begins


Course Section Description Instructor
 BUSN 6070  5A  Managerial Accounting  G. Okai-Adjetey
 BUSN 6200  5A  Strategy and Competition  R. Hudson
 COUN 5800 5A  Professional Orientation   R. George 
 COUN 6000 5A Counseling Learning  A. Smith
 COUN 6500  5A  Internship  A. Smith
 HLTH 5040  5A  Human Resource Mngt in Health Admin CANCELLED  B. Busbee
 HRDV 5710  5A  Diversity in the Workplace  P. Hughes
 HRMG 5700  5A  Employment Law  G. Babb
 HRMG 5920  5A  Compensation  B. Duncan
 MNGT 5670  5A  Managerial Leadership  J. Sanderson
 MNGT 6000 5A Integrated Studies in Management  W. Pruitt
 BUSN 5000  5A Business   M. Scott
 COUN 5670  5A  Counseling of Children  G. Pilot
 COUN 5820  5A  Consultation  L. Barker
 HLTH 6000  5A  Integrated Services in Health Admin  D. Crosby
 HRDV 5000  5A  Human Resources Development  K. Fields
 HRDV 5700  5A  Career Management  C. Heremuru
 HRMG 5000  5A  Managing Human Resources  J. Smith
 MNGT 5870  5A  Issues in Management CANCELLED  B. Woods
 MNGT 5950  5A  The Woman Manager  K. Woodfaulk
 BUSN 5200  5A  Basic Finance for Managers  J. Perry
 COUN 5600  5A Techniques of Group Counseling CANCELLED  T. Laskis
 FINC 5000  5A  Finance  J. Fletcher
 HLTH 5050  5A  Financial Analysis  T. Cockrell
 HLTH 5100  5A  Statistics for Health CANCELLED  B. Busbee
 HRDV 6000  5A  Integrated Services in HRDV  F. Bell
 HRMG 6000  5A  Integrated Services in HRMG  F. Bell
 BUSN 5620  5A  Current Economic Analysis  G. Flemming
 HLTH 5000  5A  Organization and Management  Woods-Johnson
 HRDV 5630  5A  Organizational Development and Change  K. Walker
 HRMG 5930  5A  Labor Management Relations  D. Singleton
 MNGT 5000  5A  Management  L. Williams
 MNGT 5590  5A  Organizational Behavior  J. Perry



Course Section Description Instructor
 ECON 2020  5A Principles of Macroeconomics  K. Craib 
 MNGT 3450 5A  Principles of Organizational Behavior  E. Graves 
 MUSC 1050 5A  Introduction to Art Appreciation  A. Bryan 
 MNGT 3100 5A  Issues in Management: Diversity in Workplace R. Gates
 PSYC 3000 5A  Issues in Psychology CANCELLED Anderson-Brown