Summer 2014

Summer 2014 Schedule 

May 26, 2014 - July 27, 2014

Last day to drop: June 4, by 12:00 pm, 2014/Withdrawal: July 2, 2014

**All COUN students registering for COUN 6000 must attend Practicum Orientation on April 1, 2014** Special Requirements 

Course Section Description Instructor
COUN 5100 5A Social and Cultural Foundation Hollis
COUN 5670 5A Counseling of Children Morgan
COUN 6500 5A Internship  Smith-Glenn
COUN 6500 5B Internship (1.5) Tyson
HLTH 5100 5A Statistics for Health Policy Bonds
HRDV 5630 5A Organization Development and Change Anderson
HRMG 5700 5A Employment Law Babb
COUN 5050 5A Human Growth and Development Band
COUN 5140 5A Psychopharmacology Quinn, F
COUN 5450 5A Trauma, Crisis, and Emergency Relief Anderson
COUN 5800 5A Professional Orientation and Ethical Practice Williams
COUN 6000 5A Counseling Learning Practicum Barker
COUN 6100 5A Counseling Learning Practicum I Barker
HLTH 5070 5A Financial Analysis in HLTH Admin Barnes
HLTH 5140 5F Health Administration Law Darby
HLTH 6000 5A Integrated Studies in Health Admin Cauthen
HRDV 5000 5A Introduction to Human Resources Development Haynes
HRDV 5560 5A Group Development and Change Woodfaulk
HRMG 5000 5A Managing Human Resources Worku
HRMG 5920 5A Compensation Myers
MNGT 5000 5A Management Smith
MNGT 5590 5F Organizational Behavior Davis
MNGT 5670 5A Mangerial Leadership McCants
BUSN 5200 5A Basic Finance for Managers Lewis
BUSN 6110 5A Operations and Project Management Rhames
 COUN 5220 5A  Assessment Ransom
COUN 5580 5A Human Sexuality Theory Jashinsky
COUN 5700 5A Lifestyle and Career CANCELLED Laskis
FINC 5000 5A Finance Strandine
HLTH 5000 5A Organization and Management Health Admin Bell
HLTH 5040 5A Human Resource Management in Health Admin Busbee
HRDV 5700 5A Career Management Heremuru
HRDV 6000 5A Integrated Studies in HRDV Pruitt
HRMG 5800 5A Staffing and Selection Williams
HRMG 6000 5A Integrated Studies in HRMG Pruitt
MNGT 6000 5A Integrated Studies in MNGT Pruitt
MRKT 5000 5A Marketing Davis  CANCELLED
MRKT 5950 5A Consumer Behavior Miller
BUSN 5620 5A Current Economic Analysis Craib
BUSN 5760 5A Applied Business Statistics Singh
COUN 5200 5A Theories of Counseling Barker
COUN 5230 5A Psychodiagnostics George
COUN 5600 5A Techniques of Group Counseling  Fey
COUN 5630 5A Techniques of Substance Abuse Counseling  Anderson
COUN 5850 5A Research and Program Band
COUN 6500 5C Intership (1.5) Nunn
HLTH 5020 5A Organizational Planning and Change in Health Admin Woods
HLTH 5120 5A Issues in Health Policy Darby
HRDV 5610 5A Training and Development  Worku
MNGT 5650 5A Management and Strategy Gerald
MNGT 5950 5A The Woman Manager Woodfaulk
COUN 5020 5A Foundations of Counseling Staten
COUN 5150 5A Psychopathology Ransom
MNGT 3400 5A  Human Resource Management Gennaro
MNGT 4550 5A Marketing Management Parker
MUSC 1050 5A Introduction to Music Appreciation Bryan
PSYC 4900 5A Senior Overview George
PSYC 1800 5A Careers in Psychology (1.0) Holmes
MNGT 3280 5A Introduction to Business Law Babb
MNGT 4900 5A Managerial Policies and Strategies Davis
PSYC 2750 5A Introduction to Measurement & Statistics Woodard