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Alma Mater

Webster U. You Are Our Home

In recognition of the Webster University Centennial, the University held a contest in early 2015 to create a new alma mater that represents the University’s mission in its second century. The last alma mater was selected via student contest in 1945. Department of Music chair Jeffrey Carter led this spring’s contest, open to submissions from Webster faculty, staff, students and alumni.

"Webster U. You Are Our Home," by Christopher Poetz (Class of 2016), was selected based upon the overall appropriateness of the lyrics and music, with particular attention to how the lyrics reflect Webster’s mission, vision and values.

Alma Mater Sheet Music

Alma Mater Lyrics:

We hold you dear and close to our heart,
With strength and pride and wisdom to impart.
We are fond and bound by our diverse community.
Webster U., you are our home.

May laughter always be found within these halls.
May success and achievement be forged within these walls.
May you make every dream a new reality.
Webster U., you are our home.

Acceptance, love, and friendships we’ve made,
With memories had, which shall not fade.
The banner of blue and gold does fly,
heralding our great history on high.

And so, our dear Alma Mater we plea:
Be our home, keep us safe in loving unity.
For to us you will be always something more.
Webster U., you are our home.