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Commencement Severe Weather Plan

The Muny is a “rain or shine” outdoor venue. Participants and guests are advised to be prepared for inclement weather. The main ceremony at 9:30 am. will be followed by individual college/school recognition ceremonies at the Muny.

To stay informed of any changes, follow these five steps on the day of the ceremony.

1. Check for a Webster Alert before you head to the Muny.

If your phone is not signed up for Webster Alerts AND the 2018 Commencement group within Webster Alerts, visit "Receive St. Louis 2018 Commencement Alerts" at the bottom of this page for signup instructions.

Commencement alerts will also be posted at and on the page, as well as on the Webster University Facebook page and the Webster University Twitter feed and #webstergrad hashtag.

2. If there is no alert, go to the Muny.

No alert means ceremonies are proceeding as scheduled until further notice.

3. If an alert indicates that the Muny event is canceled, you are invited to go to the Webster Groves campus where smaller school/college-specific events will take place.

The alert will provide the start time for college-specific events. See item 5 below for specific locations.

  • A photographer will be available at each location to take photos of graduating students with their dean.
  • Any other activity is organized by the college/school.

4. If the cancellation is made prior to or during the main ceremony. 

  • The abbreviated college/school events will be held simultaneously approximately four hours after the cancellation announcement is made.
  • If a decision is made during the ceremony, alerts will be sent on the Webster Alert system, the website and social media.

5. Colleges and schools will have photo ops with deans in these locations on campus.

  • College of Arts & Sciences: University Center – Sunnen Lounge
  • George Herbert Walker School of Business & Technology: East Academic Building – Edward Jones Commons
  • School of Communications: Grant Gymnasium
  • School of Education: Webster Hall – Winifred Moore Auditorium
  • Leigh Gerdine College of Fine Arts: Loretto-Hilton Center

Where to Get Information

In the event the weather causes a change in the Commencement Day activities, you can get updates from any of the following sources:


Receive St. Louis 2018 Commencement Weather Alerts

Webster Alerts is the University's emergency mass notification service for current students, faculty and staff. By registering a valid cell phone number and email address, subscribers receive urgent text, voice mail and email communications. Valuable information concerning a range of incidents - from impending severe weather to more serious or life-threatening events are immediately and simultaneously delivered through multiple communication channels.

2018 Commencement is a special alerts group used to communicate urgent or emergency information, either prior to or during commencement. Such matters include inclement or severe weather situations that would cause the delay or cancellation of commencement ceremonies. 

If you are already signed up to receive Webster Alerts

  1. Go to
  2. Log in to your account
  3. Click on "Groups"
  4. Locate "2018 Commencement" and click "Subscribe"
  5. While you are logged in, click on the "Services" tab to verify that your email and phone number are up to date to receive messages

If you are NOT signed up to receive Webster Alerts

  1. Create a New Webster Alerts Account
  2. Click on “Groups”
  3. Locate “2018 Commencement” and click “Subscribe”

A Note to Faculty and Staff Attendees: Subscribing to the Webster Alerts Commencement Group is an annual process. You must sign up for this year's "2018 Commencement" group if you wish to receive commencement-related notifications.