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Professor Emeritus, Media Literacy (retired)


Communications and Journalism

Home Campus

St. Louis (Webster Groves)

Courses Formerly Taught

MEDC 1630 Media Literacy
MEDC 2630 Studies in Media Literacy
MEDC 3260 International Communications
MEDC 4220 Genre Studies
FLST 3160 Topics in Film Studies
MEDC 5310 Media and Culture
MEDC 5480 Comparative Approaches to Media Literacy
MEDC 5981 Integrated Studies in Media Literacy


PhD in English, Michigan State University; MA in English, Michigan State University; BA in Interdisciplinary Social Science, Michigan State University

Teaching Philosophy

"I believe that teaching is as much an art as it is a craft. Each class has its own dynamics and its own particular challenges. My goal was to prepare as much as possible and minimize the disasters.

My instruction focused on the process of media analysis, using the selected approaches discussed in class. Although I certainly provided examples that supported, illustrated and extended abstract concepts that had been introduced, my objective was to provide students with the theoretical tools to conduct their own primary research into media and media content.

I continually strove to improve as an educator. Over the years, I devoted attention to refining instructional techniques such as using the text effectively, summarizing points and framing questions properly.

Over the past several years, I expanded my range of expertise, teaching courses in international communications, genre studies and a variety of courses in film studies.

I made a concerted effort to incorporate my scholarship in the classroom. My last two books (in international communications and genre studies) formed the basis of new courses that I taught for the university.

I also focused considerable attention on using technology effectively in the classroom. In the fall of 2004, I was awarded a 2-year teaching fellowship. With help from the support staff at Webster, I can say that my efforts enhanced my instruction.Art Silverblatt -St. Louis Business Journal

I developed the following principles that I strove to apply in the classroom:

  • Get students involved
  • Show enthusiasm
  • Remain open to new ideas and different points of view
  • Create a supportive learning environment
  • Maintain high expectations
  • Try to make learning enjoyable
  • Strive for clarity and structure
  • Balance concerns for the individual with sensitivity to group dynamics."
Photo from St. Louis Business Journal article, "St. Louis Character: Art Silverblatt," October 5, 2012


Silverblatt is the author of numerous books and articles, including:

  • Media Literacy: Keys to Interpreting Media Messages (Praeger Publications, 1995, 2001, 2007, 2014);
  • The Dictionary of Media Literacy (Greenwood Press,1997);
  • Approaches to the Study of Media Literacy (M.E. Sharpe, May, 1999, 2009);
  • International Communications: A Media Literacy Approach (M.E. Sharpe, May, 2004); and,
  • Genre Studies in Mass Media: A Handbook (M.E. Sharpe, 2007).

Silverblatt's work has been translated into Japanese, Korean, Chinese and German.


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