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Joshua Yates

Joshua Yates head shotPosition

Assistant Professor, Games and Game Design


Electronic and Photographic Media

Home Campus

St. Louis (Webster Groves)

Courses Taught

GAME 3000 - Video Game Design I
GAME 4000 - Video Game Level Design
GAME 4620 - Senior Overview


Yates completed an undergraduate degree at Drury University and is completing an MFA in Writing at Lindenwood University.

Professional Experience

Joshua Yates is a veteran game developer, producer, and entrepreneur. He leads Accordion Games, an independent game development studio in St. Louis. Under his leadership, Accordion Games has expanded development from web and mobile games into licensed development for Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft consoles. In addition, he has worked as a designer and programmer for online multiplayer games, and in video game journalism, building partnerships with major game studios and hardware manufacturers including Funcom, Sony Online Entertainment, CCP Games, Cryptic, Trion Worlds, and Crucial. His current research projects delve into the areas of gamification of education and training, as well as trans-media storytelling.


Small Budgets, Large Ideas - The Accordion Games Story

Contact Information

Office phone 314-246-5926
E-mail or

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