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Communications: Financial Policies

Faculty and staff of the School of Communications are responsible for learning and working within the financial policies and standard operating procedures of Webster University. Links to many of those policies and procedures may be found here and in the pages that follow.

 Webster University Financial Policies

Brief overview of university financial policies:

Accounts Payable Policy: All requests for reimbursement must contain the underlying original detail that comprises the total expense incurred.

Meals & Entertainment Policy: Webster's documentation requirements parallel those of the IRS. Expenses must be directly related to the active conduct of official University business. Please see the policy for documentation of expense instructions.

Procurement Policy: Expenditures over $2,500 require approval from supervisors with sufficient signing authority and the approval of the Director of  Procurement Services. A purchase requisition must be completed in advance to initiate a commitment for goods/services over $2,500. NOTE: ONLY PROCUREMENT MAY SIGN CONTRACTS. Webster employees are not allowed to sign contractual agreements which obligate Webster to incur a liability. These agreements must be sent to Procurement for review and signature.

Purchasing Card Policy: Only for pre-approved users, for expenditures $2,500 and less. P-Card accounts with outstanding expenses 120 days past due will be suspended.

Taxation of Gifts Policy: Gifts or awards to the employee may be taxable. Please see the policy.

Travel & Expense Policy: Please see the policy for detailed discussion. University policy states that expenses submitted later than 75 days will days will not be reimbursed.

You will find additional policies and more extensive information about each policy on the Webster University Accounts Payable Policies page.