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Communications: Financial Procedures

Expense Reimbursement/Approval Process

Reimbursement Procedures: All reimbursable expenses must be preapproved. Before spending money for which you wish to request reimbursement from your home department (e.g. Communications and Journalism) or the School of Communications, please discuss the expense with your Department Chair to make sure that the expense is (1) in line with University policy, (2) within the budgetary constraints of your department, and (3) is not covered by another University area (e.g. some software or computer equipment supplied by IT).

Most reimbursement is now processed through the Concur online reimbursement system. Concur can be accessed through a link in Connections. Those who are not yet set up in the Concur system will be redirected to the Concur Access Request Form after accessing Concur. Training and support are available.

 IMPORTANT: University policy states that expenses submitted later than 75 days will not be reimbursed.

Lab Fee Supplies: All invoices or expense items submitted for payment/reimbursement must be clearly marked with the Course Title and Course Number that the charges relate to so that subsequently lab fee revenue may be compared back to lab fee supplies expenses per course. All lab fee expenses submitted for personal reimbursement are processed through Concur. (Please see "Faculty Resource Guide" for a detailed discussion of the SOC Lab Fee Policy).

Professional Development: The request should be submitted on the SOC Professional Development Expenses – Other form (if it includes travel, please also attach the Faculty Travel Authorization form), and first routed to your Department Chair for approval. Your Chair will then route your request to the Dean. Please be sure to document on these forms how the proposed use of University funds will aid in your professional development. In making your request, please report on your previously allocated professional development funds.

Guest Speakers: Honoraria for guest speakers must be pre-approved by your Department Chair. In general, guest speakers are to be paid out of lab fees. Occasionally, they can be paid out of an (unfunded) honoraria account. In either case, up to $100 is considered reasonable, although many speakers volunteer their services. Full-time Webster faculty are not eligible for payment.

Guest speakers should not be used as a substitute for the instructor's presence. Under special circumstances, exceptions can be made with the express approval of the Department Chair. If the instructor is not present, then it is the instructor's responsibility to reimburse the guest speaker, as the honorarium is not meant to be a form of payment for course instruction.

 Rev 10/2016