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 Cassandra McDonald
Cassandra McDonald
Intern, Fall 2012

"Every experience you take will build on your knowledge, skills, and personality. Also, be confident. You are competing against many other students and friends for internships and eventually careers. You bring many skills and values that others may not, and you want to always highlight those.


   Roberto Max Salas
Roberto Max Salas
BA Advertising/Marketing and Communications, 2006

"Webster really taught me the importance of having a mentor, or someone you can go to for advice. I am always in touch with  a few of my former professors, like Sally Howald and Charlie Claggett. Having mentors is extremely important to the growth of a professional because they can help you make key career choices.”  

Karalynn MillerKaralynn I. Miller
BA in Audio Production, 2008

"What I enjoyed most about Webster University was being part of a community of bright, creative and supportive students. I learned just as much from classmates as I did from my professors."


Gail VogtGail Vogt
BA in Advertising and Marketing Communications, 2008

"What I enjoyed the most about Webster University was meeting great people. Everyone at Webster is passionate about what they are doing and they are always excited to share their experiences."


Kensuke KajitaKensuke Kajita
BA in Advertising and Marketing Communications, 2008

"Winning five Webbie awards was the most exciting moment during my academic career. It was a great reward and recognition for my passion toward advertising at Webster."



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