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Professional Writing

Students with a creative mind and a passion to become a professional writer are in high demand in both the creative and business industries worldwide. The Professional Writing program focuses on developing creative, communication, analytical, research, and style & editing skills.

The BA in Professional Writing program program prepares students to work as writers for corporations, non-profit organizations, or as independent contractors for print and digital publication, in strategic or business communications and in content marketing, among other pursuits. Students who major in Professional Writing will complete a coursework that will ground them in the principles of writing for several forms and disciplines and then will choose a specific area of focus, which will allow them to acquire depth in that discipline.

Points of Distinction

  • Projections show that the need for professional writers will continue to grow as companies and non-profit organizations face increasing demand to create and maintain a positive image as “thought leaders.”
  • The program grounds students in essential skills and then allows them to choose a specific area of concentration from among advertising, public relations, journalism, scriptwriting and organizational writing.
  • Unlike nearly all professional writing programs offered by other colleges and universities, which are based exclusively in English departments, our program is collaborative between the English Department and the Department of Communications and Journalism, allowing students to gain from the strengths of each department.
  • The large number of existing programs at other institutions feature breadth but often not depth; our program allows students to develop both breadth, through the core, and depth, through the area of concentration a student chooses.
  • Many professional writing programs exclusively use faculty who have never worked in the professions the programs seek to prepare students for; most of our full-time and adjunct faculty have worked and continue to work professionally in their disciplines.

Professional Writing Academic Programs

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