Music Production Camp

Sponsored by the Department of Audio Aesthetics and Technology

in the School of Communications at Webster University

Music Production Camp

The Program:

Explore the world of the recording studio by working with accomplished musicians and engineers in a professional-grade facility. Learn microphone techniques, multitrack recorder operation, and mixing skills as you create a compact disc from "downbeat" to final "fade." After becoming familiar with the gear, you'll learn to make aesthetic choices in dynamics, balance and equalization resulting in a polished mix. You'll leave the camp having gained insight into the world of music production. You'll also receive a mastered compact disc of the mixes, a certificate of completion recognizing your effort, a camp t-shirt, and tote bag.

Music Production CampThe Dates:

The program runs Monday, June 23 through Friday, June 27, 2014 from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. on the Webster Groves campus of Webster University, St. Louis, Missouri. There will be morning and afternoon breaks with 30 minutes for lunch. You will be expected to bring a brown bag lunch and drink each day. Alternatively snacks and drinks are available from the vending machines. No food is provided.


Enrollment is limited to 10 so you have the best possible experience. You are encouraged to register now to secure a place.

Music Production Camp

Is Music Production Camp for me? 

If you are a between the ages of 15 and 18 (at the time of enrollment) with an interest in how modern music recording is accomplished, then this camp is for you. Musical ability is beneficial but is not necessary or expected. No prior recording experience is necessary or expected.

Music Production CampHow much does Music Production Camp cost?

The cost for the one-week camp is $500 per person. A $50 non-refundable deposit is required when you register.

When and how do I register for Music Production Camp?



Camp Director

Barry HufkerBarry Hufker

Mr. Hufker is a full professor and chair of the Department of Audio Aesthetics and Technology. An audio professional for more than 40 years, professor Hufker created the Audio Production program at Webster University 25 years ago. He specializes in music recording on location and in the studio, having worked with many artists of national and international acclaim. He has been teaching for more than 30 years. Contact the camp: (314) 246-7636 Make the email subject: Music Production Camp.

Physical, Emotional or Medical Concerns

Contact us if you have a physical, emotional or medical concern as a recording studio is a somewhat confined space with cables and stands placed in close quarters. Normal manual dexterity is required. Call 314-246-7636 for more information.

Music Production CampAbout the Department of Audio Aesthetics and Technology:

Audio Production (Bachelor of Arts)

Students majoring in Audio Production learn to work in the variety of audio fields of music recording, film sound, audio for video, radio, electronic sound synthesis, theatrical sound design, sound reinforcement, audio for computer applications and audio equipment maintenance. The adoption of advanced techniques, such as Technical Ear Training, demonstrates Webster’s leadership in audio education. We constantly strive to anticipate industry demands and our students’ needs.