Linda Holtzman

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Professor Emeritus (retired)


Communications and Journalism

Home Campus

St. Louis (Webster Groves)

Courses  Formerly Taught

MEDC 1010 Introduction to Mass Communications
MEDC 2200 Ethics in the Media
MEDC 2800 Cultural Diversity in the Media
MEDC 3190 Introduction to Media Research
MEDC 4190 Media Research Methodologies
MEDC 3900 Topics in Media Literacy: Media Images and the Middle East, Women and Prime Time Television
MEDC 5000 Media Communications
MEDC 5310 Media and Culture
MEDC 5460 Media Research
MEDC 5010 Introduction to Graduate Studies: Advanced Thinking and Writing
MEDC 6000 Seminar in Media Communications
MEDC 6250 Thesis Project in Media Communications


MA, Webster University; BA, Washington University

Teaching Philosophy

"Coming of age as an activist in the sixties was my primer for teaching. After graduating, I taught in the central city of St. Louis and worked with the local and national social justice organizations. These experiences were the foundation of a strong belief that higher access to information, knowledge and resources provides an array of options in life and that these increased options are the seeds of equity, hope and freedom for a diverse population. I believe this is the purpose of education. After 35 years of teaching and learning at many different levels, I am still a strong believer that education, at its best, leads to a wider range of opportunities to transgress the narrow boundaries that can limit us."


Linda Holtzman taught graduate and undergraduate media theory and research courses, as well as courses that addressed the relationship between media and cultural diversity. She is the author of the book, "Media Messages" which examines how popular media, personal experience and education shape how we see race, gender, class and sexual orientation.

Holtzman is dedicated to addressing issues of diversity and equity through her teaching and her community work. She is a facilitator of the annual Dismantling Racism Institute for Educators, which works with school district superintendents and other school administrators. She has served as a consultant to many school districts in Illinois and Missouri who are interested in educational equity.

Holtzman has been a regular commentator on KSDK-TV during a segment called "Media Messages," in which she reviews film and TV programs and examines messages of diversity in the media.


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