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Digital Darkroom - SV143A

digital darkroom

digital darkroom

Our Digital Darkroom offers 35mm to 4X5 negative scanning, 12 x 17 flatbed scanner and 17" and 13" Canon printers.

The Digital Darkroom devices:

G5 Mac Pro (12 Core, 8 Gig RAM) - (4)
27" Apple Monitor - (4)
Canon PIXMA Pro-1 13" Color Printer - (2)
Canon iPF5100 17" Color Printer - (1)
Imacon X5 Negative Scanner - (1)
Epson 10000XL-PH 12 x 17 Flatbed Scanner - (1)

Labs - Film Processing - SV143B

 Film processing room view 1 

The Film Processing room has space for 4 students to process film at one time.  Each station has its own measuring graduates and digital thermometer.  Chemicals for processing Black and White film are provided with students lab fees.  All chemicals are mixed and maintained by the darkroom staff and work-studies.  Other items available to students are: 2 film loading rooms and 2 film drying stations.  


Labs - Basic Darkroom SV143C

 Basic Darkroom view 1

 9 Saunders/LPL 670 VCCE enlarger stations with Patterson 2000E Times


Labs - Advanced Darkroom - SV143D

 Advance Darkroom view 1

6 Omega D series enlargers and Patterson digital timers.


Labs- Wash & Dry Room - SV143E

Wash Room view 1 

16x20 and 11x14 fiber paper washers, fiber-drying rack, RC print washer & 16x20 RC Dryer.


Labs - Customer Service - SV143F

 Equipment Room view 1

Equipment Room view 2

Reservations, equipment check-out, finishing, matting, mounting, densitometry, instructor supplies.