Photo Lab & Studio General Procedures | Webster University

Photo Lab & Studio General Procedures

1) Students must have a media card to access the Darkrooms equipment, studios, or labs. If you lose your card a new one must be acquired; student IDs, driver license, etc. 
WILL NOT BE ACCEPTABLE. A student ID will only get you university loan equipment from Media Services.

2) Students may not have more than 1 reservation for any one item.

3) Fines will  be levied to any student who infringes upon another student's reservation. See Fines

4) Reserved equipment that is not picked up within one half hour after scheduled reservation time will be considered unwanted and will be re-reserved to the next person requesting.

5) The checkout time on 35mm cameras, tripods, and on camera flash is 48 hours. Anyone keeping equipment past its due date is subject to fines. A one-time extension may be granted for an additional 24 hours, if the equipment is not reserved by someone else. You must come in or call AT LEAST TWO HOURS in advance to make such arrangements. If the time requested is open the extension will be granted. If your equipment is already late, under NO circumstances will you be granted an extension!

6) Due to insurance restrictions, field equipment is limited to the St. Louis area.

7) Mounting and Matting equipment is not allowed to be checked out overnight.

8) All equipment returned must be complete. Please inspect the equipment when you check it out and before returning it. Check for lens caps and other small items. If one item is missing, the whole kit is considered late and late fines will be assessed. Please notify staff or work-study of any broken equipment or missing items AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

9) NO Hot Swapping. All equipment must be returned before it can be checked out to another student. Field transfers are forbidden. 

10) Food and drinks are not allowed in the Darkroom. If you bring food or drink into the darkroom, you will be fined on the first offense.

11) The use of the internet on production computers is strictly prohibited. (Media Services PoliciesHardware and Software)

12) Please store your personal belongings on the hooks provided in the darkroom hallway, or underneath the enlarger you are using. 

13) Students can check out equipment for their own use only.Students discovered to be getting equipment for other students use will be subject to disciplinary action.

14) The Digital Darkroom has a limit of 4 work stations. Due to the space limitations we ask that only actively working students be in the lab. Students who have reservations must wait outside the faculties until a work station becomes available.

15) Lockers are available for photo students and faculty. See a staff member to reserve a locker. Lockers are available on a first come, first served basis.