Access to Studios and Suites | Webster University

Access to Studios and Suites


* Access to the School of Communications studios, editing suites and other facilities will be granted only by electronic card swipe, through your university I.D card.

* Your Webster University student / faculty ID card has to be activated for access. Activation only needs to take place once, or if you have lost your ID, each time it is replaced. Access is granted based on the classes you are enrolled in. Webster University student / faculty ID's may be obtained at the Public Safety front desk.

If you have any problems with your university ID access card you should initiate a work order using the University's on-line work order system, accessed here:

Choose "Technology" and include information regarding the room you are trying to access, the time that you swiped your card, your ID number and how we can contact you.

* In the event of a lost or stolen card you are expected to report it immediately to Public Safety so they can void the card and reissue you another. If loss is not reported you will be held accountable for any and all thefts, damages or misconduct performed with the card.

* Students can only access labs or editing suites that they are authorized to use based on the classes they are enrolled in. Authorization will be encoded on your ID card and may change each semester.  If you have problems or questions regarding your access level direct them to your instructor. If you have problems with the operation of your access card please place a work order as outlined above. 

* You may not allow another person to use your card. Violation will result in permanent suspension of access privileges of all parties.

Students have five business days after finals to remove their projects from all editing facilities and computer hard drives or make duplications.

School of Communications and the Media Center may grant media majors the privilege of “Extended Hours” access to post production facilities for two (2) weeks prior to mid-terms (if it's an 8 week class) and two (2) weeks prior to finals (for 16 week classes). Students should check with the advisor for their major for more information.

* A limited number of exterior doors to Sverdrup will be designated for “Extended Hours” (after midnight) use. The only doors that will be unlocked for access to the Sverdrup building will be the lobby doors facing Big Bend Blvd. Students that have extended hours access should enter and exit the Sverdrup building through these doors. This is for your safety and security of the facilities. Non-specified exterior doors cannot be propped open or unlocked. Violators will be subject to loss of privileges.

* Webster Public Safety will make frequent rounds and monitor the facility as a safeguard for both students and equipment. They are authorized to check ID's and escort any unauthorized persons from facility. If asked to present your ID please be cooperative and remember this is for everyone's safety.

* The Media Center and the School of Communications reserves the right to suspend “Extended Hours” access if we find the privilege is being abused -- i.e. equipment damage, theft, food-drink violations, trashed labs/studios, unauthorized student traffic, secured doors being propped open/unlocked, etc.