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Field Equipment


* Media Center staff can only provide information regarding the safe use of equipment to prevent damage.  Please do not ask them to explain how the equipment operates or what equipment is needed for a particular assignment.   Assistance of that nature  should be found with your instructors.

* Students can only check out equipment that they are authorized to use for the classes they are enrolled in. This equipment should be  listed in your course syllabus. Questions should be directed to a member of the Media Center Staff.

* You must have your Student ID card to access Media Center field equipment because our computerized checkout system automatically accesses the courses you are enrolled in. If you lose your student ID card a new one must be acquired. 

* Students can check out equipment for their own use only.

* Students discovered to be checking out equipment for use by other students will be subject to disciplinary action.

* Reserved equipment that is not picked up or claimed within one half hour of its scheduled time will be considered unwanted, the reservation will be cancelled and the equipment made available to other students.

* It is mandatory that you return the equipment at its due date and time! Equipment must not be returned late! If equipment is returned past its due date, fines and or suspension of checkout privileges will be levied.

* Field equipment checkout is for 24 hours, with a one-time 24 hours extension,  IF the equipment is not reserved by someone else. You must come in or call (314)-246-6967 or (314)-246-6967 AT LEAST TWO HOURS in advance of the equipment return time to make such arrangements. The only exception to the 24-hour checkout is for certain advanced classes: (Those completing  senior overviews in film may have up to five days of checkout with no extensions and Film 2 students are allowed up to 48-hours of checkout with no extensions.)

* Under no circumstances are students allowed to exchange or hand off equipment to another student in the field. Equipment MUST be checked in at the Media Center before a new user can take control of it.

* Students are responsible for determining what equipment and miscellaneous supplies they will need in the field. Every student should  go through the equipment they have checked out before leaving the Media Center. If you choose not to go through the equipment you will be responsible for any broken or missing items when the equipment is returned. You will be responsible for the items you are checking out.

* During peak usage periods you may be required to return equipment sooner than 24 hours. This will occur only when there is a limited amount of equipment and a large number of student users.  We ask your cooperation in the event the need for shorter equipment loan times arises.  

* All fines for late returns, lost or damaged equipment will be debited to your student account through the Business Office. All payments need to be paid at the Business Office located in Webster Hall, Room 101. All fines will be explained in writing and students may file a grievance, also in writing, to contest any fines before they are sent to the Business office for collection.  See Grievance Form

* Sometimes equipment will break down. If you experience any problems with the equipment, do not attempt to repair it. Contact the Media Center immediately (314-246-6967) and when you return be sure to help the staff fill out a trouble report / work order giving as much detail of the problem as you can. 

* Students who damage, lose or fail to return equipment checked out to them are responsible for the costs incurred to repair or replace the equipment for use by other students.