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Senior Overview / ILE


The procedures and policies below will help expedite your senior overview / ILE paperwork and  obtain access to field production equipment and post-production facilities promptly.


Senior Overview Petitions or Individualized Learning Experience (ILE) forms need to be filled out with your mentor with a complete list of the  production equipment needed and post-production access required.

If you are doing a undergraduate senior overview or ILE in video, audio, photography or broadcast journalism, completed petition forms should be returned to: SOC, Department Associate, Lori Corzine

If you are doing a undergraduate senior overview or ILE in advertising/marketing, public relations, media communications, speech communication or journalism. Completed petition forms should be returned to SOC Department Associate Merideth DalyIf you are doing a graduate overview, completed petition forms should be returned to: Department Associate, Merideth Daly in Sverdrup (SVER 252)

Department Associate will send over senior overview / ILE paperwork to Media Services for approval, if equipment or studio access is needed.  The Director of Media Services (D.V. “,Marty” Martin in Sverdrup (SV128B) must approve your paperwork. Your media card and access will be made from the information that you provide on the Senior Overview / ILE form. Registration is not complete until processed by the  Registrar's office.


* Students requesting equipment for a senior overview need to have successfully passed all classes that are required in order to have access to requested equipment.

* To have access to the super 16mm camera you must have successfully passed Advanced Cinematography. If not, you must have a DP (Director of Photography) currently enrolled at Webster University that meets the above requirement. A separate media card will be issued to that individual for camera access only.

* Film senior overviews can check out field equipment for up to 5 days; you must be shooting film, not video.

* The Media Services Director reserves the right to limit or deny access to equipment should the requested access cause an overload on such equipment, or if the student has not had the proper prerequisites for use of said equipment. Students in regularly scheduled courses will be granted equipment access over students with ILEs.