Computer Preventative Maintenance | Webster University

Computer Preventative Maintenance


Computer maintenance will take place in all studios, editing suites and workstations according to our preventative maintenance schedule. Access during computer maintenance to any studio, editing suites or workstations will be declined during maintenance times.

Students have five business days after finals to remove their projects from all editing facilities and computer hard drives or make duplications.

Preventative maintenance schedule:
*The last two weeks in May and the first week in June
*The first two weeks in August
*The last week in December and the first two weeks in January

Maintenance will be performed in the following areas:

SV 103 Audio Editing
SV 104 Game Design
SV108  Audio Studio D
SV116  Student Media Center
SV118  Design and Production
SV120  Testing and Criticism
SV131/133 Video Studio
SV134E Audio Studio E
SV135  Photo Studio
SV137/139 Audio Studio A
SV141 Audio Studio B
SV143  Digtal Darkroom 
SV254B  Audio                        
SV256  Video Editing                       


During computer maintenance times workstations may require reformatting and de-fragmenting of the hard drive this will cause data to be lost. Students need to save their projects to their external hard drives; any projects stored on the internal drives will be lost at maintenance times.

All requests for extended storage must be communicated from the faculty member/mentor to Media Center before the end of the semester.