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Hardware and Software



ALL requests for hardware and software upgrades on School of Communications non-linear workstations, studios and suites must be presented to the Director of the Media Center, be approved by faculty and installed by User services frm the IT department.

if you experience any malfunctions of Media Cener non-linear workstations you should fill out a trouble report / work order giving as much detail of the problem as you can using the University's on-line work order system, on-line at,


then choose "Technology".

Only software licensed to Webster University can be installed on any Media Services non-linear workstation. All unlicensed (rogue)software will be removed immediately without question.

Licensed software or utilities may not be copied, reproduced, removed or transferred from workstation to workstation.

No third party software or utility may be installed on any studio/suite workstation.

The Media Center needs to be aware of any outside equipment that may be installed in any production, post-production, studio, suite or workstation for any reason.

The Media Center and the School of Communication will not be responsible for any project stored on any hard drive or non-linear editing machine.

Violators of the software and hardware installment policy will be subject to punitive actions.