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Class Helps Students Get Adobe Photoshop Certified

ST. LOUIS (April 22, 2019) – Many students in the School of Communications use Adobe programs on a regular basis and are fairly proficient in their use. This academic year the School of Communications became an official Adobe certification center. This allows students and faculty the opportunity to sit for Adobe certification exams.

In the fall of 2018, associate professor Julia Griffey taught a 1-credit course. Its focus was to prepare students to take the Adobe Photoshop Associates certification exam. Each week, the class took a sample test and made notes of any questions they couldn't answer correctly.

In class, the following week, Griffey demonstrated techniques to address student questions from the prior week. Griffey and the class repeated this process for seven weeks. In addition, students were assigned two different courses to watch outside of class. Based on the content of the courses, students created additional sample test questions. Their questions were compiled to create a large test, which the students also took.

In the eighth week of class, students sat for the Adobe Photoshop certification exam. Of the 11 who took the exam, 10 passed. The student who did not pass was very close to passing though. Fortunately, students are offered one retake with each certification attempt.

Steven Works, junior interactive digital media major in the School of Communications, was thrilled to pass the exam and become an Adobe Photoshop Certified Associate. "The reason why I got certified in Adobe Photoshop is because I knew how to utilize the basic functions of the program. Since I'm officially certified, I can apply this certificate to have better chances in getting hired in my field, as well as present to companies that I have the knowledge around Adobe Photoshop."