Central Region AES Summit Draws Attendees from Across the Country | Webster University

Central Region AES Summit Draws Attendees from Across the Country

ST. LOUIS (APRIL 7, 2015) – A year’s worth of planning culminated in the ninth annual Central Region Audio Engineering Society (AES) Student Summit (CRASS) held on Webster University’s campus at the end of March.

Led by Presid2015 AES members outside EABent Kate Tary, Vice President Kayla Rogers, and faculty mentor Assistant Professor Timothy Ryan, Webster AES executive board members worked together to organize the three-day summit. It featured a packed schedule including a mix of panels, discussions, and workshops. A total of 40 educators and industry professionals presented at the summit.

Durand R. Begualt, a researcher at NASA Ames Research Center, was the keynote speaker. Begualt also works as an acoustical consultant, music technologist, forensic audio-video-digital media analyst, and expert witness on a variety of audio technology and forensic audio-related cases.

Vice President, Central Region, USA/Canada, Audio Engineering Society, Michael Fleming, was another notable presenter. School of Communications faculty presenters included Assistant Professor Timothy Ryan and adjunct professors Paul Hennerich and Bill Schulenburg.

Total attendance for the summit was 175. That included 66 Webster Hufker, Rothenbuhler, Ryan at CRASSstudents, 35 students from other colleges and universities, and 13 students from area high schools. Attendees traveled from as far away as California and New York; they represented a total of 15 states and 16 universities.

On Sunday, School of Communications Dean Eric Rothenbuhler, Audio Aesthetics & Technology Department Chair and Professor Barry Hufker, and Assistant Professor Tim Ryan took time to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the audio production program.

Rothenbuhler spoke about where the program is today. Ryan and Hufker provided a Hufker and Ryan cut cakeretrospective of the audio production program.

“It’s been an exciting 25 years,” Hufker said. “The faculty, administrators, and the students made it a worthwhile journey. We’re looking forward to the renovation of Sverdrup Hall and the next exciting 25 years.”

For more information about the 25th anniversary celebration and the history of the audio production program, please read “The Sounds of Success.”

Other members of the AES executive board include:

Kyle Meadors - Secretary
Ben Shull - Treasurer
Rich Harris - Web Chair
Cassandra Isbell - Outreach Chair
Jake Boshears - Hospitality Chair
Greg Lewis - Hospitality Co-Chair
Allen Haus - Sponsors Chair
Andrew Lottinger - Logistics Chair
Garrison Brown - Logistics Co-Chair
Kyle Mathias - Live Sound Chair
Andrew Bushway - Transportation Chair
Tim Walther - Presenters Chair