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School of Communications 2015 Commencement: Kate Ewing

Outstanding alumna shares 5 values for defining careers and lives

ST. LOUIS (SEPT. 16, 2015) – The School of Communications Commencement speeches, scheduled to be delivered May 9, 2015 immediately following the main Webster University Commencement ceremony held at the Muny in Forest Park, were rained out. At that time, Dean Eric Rothenbuhler promised to make them available to everyone who attended the event. He delivers on that promise with three videos. 

This video, the third of three, features the remarks of Kathryn (Kate) Ewing, Commencement speaker and 2015 recipient of the School of Communications Outstanding Alumna Award.

Video 3 of 3

Transcript – Commencement Speech: Kathryn (Kate) Ewing, School of Communications 2015 recipient, Outstanding Alumna Award

As I reflected on my time at Webster, some of the differences between then and now stood out. Back then, the iPhone was still several years away from being introduced, Facebook’s founder was finishing high school, and mobile marketing was a thing of the future.

I think you would agree things have changed quite a bit since my studies at Webster, and in an impressive way.

What’s even more striking (or impressive) to me are the similarities between now and then. Similarities that made me swell up with pride as I reflected.

They’re easy to see.

Students at Webster are still driven. Students at Webster are still career-oriented and want to succeed. And students at Webster still care about their futures and want to improve their communities.

Professors at Webster still strive to provide a world-class education. Professors at Webster still help students establish their personal brands. And professors at Webster still help instill values to guide students in choosing a career path.

These similarities in my mind point to the sustainable core values of the students and professors at Webster University.  

As I began my career search, my time at Webster helped me understand that finding an organization that valued my education and experience was just as important as one with strong core values. I believe you all were attracted to Webster University for the same reason.

In my current role as marketing manager for Mosby Building Arts, it's my job to promote the company’s core values, but it's my responsibility to live the values each and every day. Values that resonated with me when I was hired, and values that continue to resonate with me today.

As you celebrate your graduation and move forward with your careers, or career searches, I want to share these 5 values with you.  

Just as your professors held you to high standards during your college careers, strive to practice the highest ethical and professional standards daily.

Commitment to Excellence
You spent years earning the degrees you are receiving. No matter what you after today, strive for the best.

As students, many of you balanced the responsibility of schoolwork, families and jobs. Always own the responsibility for your actions and be true to your word.

As Webster students, you attended classes on a diverse campus, and shared experiences with students from numerous cultures and backgrounds. Whatever path you choose, value all individuals and their contributions with courteous, kind & friendly behavior.

Webster built a culture of collaboration for you. Continue to collaborate to achieve individual and shared goals.

I hope these values resonate with you as they resonated with me; and I hope you use the skills and knowledge you’ve gained at Webster to find a career you are passionate about in an organization that shares the values you’ve defined for yourselves.

Congratulations again on your accomplishments.

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