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Webster University Geneva's Media Communications Department to Host Conference

4th annual international media conference, "Media Trends 2013, Challenging Crossroads: Children and the Media," to be held April 8 to April 10, 2013

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Media Tends 2013 will focus on issues related to children with topics such as protecting children on the Internet, preventing child exploitation, and children's health. The conference has attracted presenters from across Europe, Africa, Asia, and the United States. Tammy Rosso, head of the media communications department at Webster University Geneva, is the conference organizer and contact.

The conference keynote speakers will include: 

  • Dr. Moushira Khattab, former Egyptian Minister of Family and Population and vice chair of the UN Committee of Rights of the Child, Egypt
  • William Bird, director, Media Monitoring Africa, journalists' trainer on ‘child friendly' journalism, children's rights activist, South Africa
  • Nicole Dreiske, executive director, International Children's Media Center, USA
  • Susana Giner, director, Youth Media Agency, UK
  • Dr. Alberto Pellai, MD in preventive medicine and health education, PhD in public health, child psychologist, Italy
  • GMB Akash, freelance photojournalist, Bangladesh
  • Dr. Nitin Sawhney, assistant professor of media studies, The New School

Media Trends 2013 will also feature representatives from the World Health Organization (WHO), the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) Child Online Protection Initiative, Defense for Children, and International Children's Media Center. Other panelists will represent international organizations, nongovernmental agencies (NGOs), universities, and media production companies.

Webster University will be well represented as faculty, alumni and student experts in media communications from the Geneva, Vienna, London, and St. Louis campuses will be participating as panelists, moderators, and workshop presenters.

School of Communications adjunct faculty member Julie Smith, who has been teaching at Webster University for 13 years, will be participating in Media Trends 2013. She is “thrilled at the opportunity to share… my passion for media literacy.” In her proposal to attend the conference, she highlighted the scheduled presenters who could contribute to her classroom teaching. She will try to attend their presentations and to connect with them during the conference. If possible, she would like to make arrangements for some of them to make Skype presentations to her classes in the future.

Webster University St. Louis School of Communications Faculty Conference Participants

  • Don Corrigan, professor of journalism and global journalism
  • Julia Griffey, assistant professor of interactive digital media
  • Jennifer Rieger, adjunct faculty member, interactive digital media
  • Chris Rubin de la Borbolla, adjunct faculty member, interactive digital media
  • Dr. Art Silverblatt, professor of media literacy
  • Julie Smith, adjunct professor, media communications

Webster University International Campus Media Communications Faculty Conference Participants

  • Francesco Arese Visconti, deputy head of media communications, photography program coordinator, Geneva
  • Dr. Rebekah Jorgensen, media communications graduate program coordinator, Geneva
  • Dr. Anthony Löwstedt, junior research professor, media communications, anthropology and political science, Vienna
  • Dr. John Pirri, academic advisor and professor in film studies, literature and human rights, Geneva
  • Phyllis Ressler, adjunct faculty member anthropology/sociology and media communications, Geneva
  • Tammy Rosso, head of media communications, Geneva
  • Kristian Skeie, lecturer of photography, Geneva
  • Dr. Zoetanya Sujon, lecturer in media theory, Regent's College, London
  • Leslie Viney, Pathway Leader, media and communications, Regent's American College, London

Webster University Student and Alumni Conference Participants

  • Thoraya Binzagr, BA, media communications, 2010 Geneva
  • Samantha Cru-Solida, BA, media communications, 2003 Geneva
  • Gretchen Gatzke, digital media design and production, Vienna
  • Chris Poiata, BA, media communications, minor in journalism, 2012 Geneva

Administrators and faculty from several other departments of Webster University's international campuses will be participating in Media Trends 2013.

For the complete program speakers' biographies, and abstracts, please visit:


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