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Social Media Project Puts Learning Into Action

ST. LOUIS, MO (Jan. 14, 2015) During the Fall 2, 2014 term, students in Celine Hong’s class, MEDC 5650: Topics in Interactive Media: Social Media Management, got hands-on experience learning about and working with social media.

A trainer Celine Hong's class with Rick Rockwellfrom Hootsuite, a social media management system, demonstrated its dashboard. He also taught students how to use Hootsuite with social networking systems such as Facebook and Twitter. Students participating in the training received certification in social media management software.

Later in the course, Hong and students collaborated with Associate Dean Rick Rockwell as they managed social media accounts for his Latin Pulse Podcast, a weekly program providing analysis of Latin American news and public affairs.

Students were divided in two teams and assigned to manage either the Facebook or the Twitter account for Latin Pulse Podcast. Rockwell acted as the moderator of the social media profiles. Students applied knowledge they learned in the course and in their Hootsuite training. For example, the Twitter team scheduled tweets and used analytics reports, while the Facebook team added a human touch to the page’s profile section.

At the end of three weeks, each team presented their research, strategies, and evaluation to fellow classmates, Hong, and Rockwell. He said “The students were full of great ideas and really added energy to the social media feeds.  I was sorry this project and experiment had to end so soon, as I think it provided a great interactive platform for students to put theory into practice.”