Solomon Discusses SnapChat on KSDK | Webster University

Solomon Discusses SnapChat on KSDK

In appearance on local NBC TV affiliate, Webster University Professor Eileen Solomon answers questions about privacy implications of popular photo sharing app

On Friday, Feb. 22, Webster University School of Communications professor Eileen Solomon appeared on the local NBC TV affiliate KSDK to discuss the privacy implications of SnapChat. It is a relatively new photo sharing application that has quickly gained acceptance among teenagers. See the segment here (at about1:36 on video).

After talking with students in her current classes about SnapChat, Dr. Solomon found that it "didn't have a great deal of resonance for college students." Few of them were using it, and some were not familiar with it. According to Solomon, SnapChat tends to be more popular with a slightly younger demographic, such as high school students.

Users of SnapChat can send messages or 'Snaps' containing photos, videos, or text. They can also determine a length of time between two and ten seconds receivers are able  to view messages before they disappear. Because of this feature, the potential for misuse of SnapChat has been highlighted in numerous media stories and has some parents and law enforcement officials worried. SnapChat has also gained a reputation as a 'sexting' tool.

SnapChat debuted in 2011. According to a Feb 25, 2013 article, 60 million 'Snaps' are sent daily.  

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