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School of Communications Student-Produced Video Goes Viral

Students in the Webster University School of Communications have achieved a rare feat–they have produced a video that has gone viral. Students in Aaron AuBuchon's course VIDE 4500 ProSeminar Video Production (Production House) produced "Make Your Life Better by Adopting," for the nonprofit organization Tenth Life Cat Rescue. Students in Adam Frick's course AUDI 4500 Soundtracks for Visual Media scored it.

AuBuchon said he was excited to do the project for Tenth Life Cat Rescue. "There's a lot of awareness out there for places like Stray Rescue–they don't do a lot for cats. We wanted to do something to create more awareness on the cat side."

AuBuchon's Production House classes are intended to include a community service component, and in speaking with him, his commitment to maintaining this component and his passion for the work are obvious. When speaking about creating videos to help nonprofit organizations, he said, “It's important that we instill (in students) the idea that they literally can change lives with the work they do.”

Aaron AuBuchon's prior Production House classes have produced videos for nonprofit organizations such as Almost Home, Foster and Adoptive Care Coalition, and Springboard.

Elizabeth Frick, executive director of Tenth Life Cat Rescue and wife of Adam Frick, had a clear vision for the video and a completed script before she approached AuBuchon and Webster University about working with Tenth Life. Even so, it took about a year for the students to complete the project.

In contrast to its lengthy production time, people started noticing and sharing the video within days of its release. Since then, it has been posted on AdWeek, Huffington Post, and dozens of other sites. The video has been shared on sites in New Zealand, Mumbai, and Asia. It has received widespread acclaim as a parody on infomercials, and it has made a few top 10 best pet adoption lists.

The student-produced video "Make Your Life Better by Adopting" has been described as funny, adorable, weird, and clever. One site has hailed it as “probably the best cat adoption video you'll see today.”

Several other trending news sites and aggregators featured the video temporarily, which extended its reach even further. Some of those sites include TVBalla, SportBalla, LegalProNews, NewsSilo Breaker, eWallstreeter, In-a-Gist, i4u News, and the Times of Mumbai.

After watching it, Gary Ford, professor of public relations in the School of Communications, said that he is not surprised at the success of the video. “It's a use of video for community service; cat videos are very popular right now; it's very well-produced; it's humorous; and it's for a good cause. I'll be anxious to see the type of support it generates (for Tenth Life).”

In addition to the online coverage, Aaron AuBuchon, assistant professor of video production; Sean Nielsen, a student from the Production House class; Suki Peters, the actress featured in the video; and Elizabeth Frick, executive director of Tenth Life Cat Rescue; were interviewed on the John and Kane Show on Indio on September 11, 2013. A podcast of the interview will be available in the future.

While the student-produced video has been very popular online, its ultimate success will be measured by the awareness and brand recognition it creates for the nonprofit organization Tenth Life Cat Rescue and the number of cats adopted as a result.

Associate professor of nonprofit leadership in the George Herbert Walker School of Business Barrett Baebler explained that when it comes to marketing “the most important thing for nonprofits is getting their story out there. Then the question becomes, are they engaging their intended audience?”

Watch "Make Your Life Better by Adopting" for yourself and see what all of the buzz is about. If you like it, share it with your friends.


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