School of Communications HS Screenwriting Competition

Students enrolled in a high school or secondary-level homeschool program during the 2016-2017 academic year are invited to submit a short screenplay (for a film of no more than five minutes) to the Webster University School of Communications High School Screenwriting Competition. The winning script will be produced as a film during the school's annual filmmaking summer camp, and the scriptwriter will receive an iPad Mini.  

Rules and Guidelines

  1. By submitting your script to the competition, you grant permission for Webster University filmmaking camp organizers to produce a short film based on your work during its summer 2017 filmmaking camp, should the judges select your script as the winner.
  2. Only students enrolled in high school or a secondary-level homeschool program during the 2016-2017 school year are eligible to enter.
  3. The winning screenwriter will receive an iPad Mini, as well as the opportunity to attend the Webster University 2017 summer filmmaking camp at no charge. At the judges' discretion, they may award honorable mention to exceptional, non-winning screenplays. Writers of screenplays who earn honorable mention will receive a certificate acknowledging their accomplishment.
  4. The University may, in some cases, decide to produce during the summer camp, one or more of the scripts awarded honorable mention. Students whose scripts are awarded honorable mention and whose scripts are produced will have the opportunity to attend the camp at no charge.
  5. The script may be written in any genre (e.g. horror, comedy, drama).
  6. The script should be written for a film of no more than five minutes (which is five pages in standard format).
  7. The script should avoid overt sexual or violent content and should not include tobacco or illicit drug use as essential aspects of the story.
  8. The script should require no more than four speaking parts.
  9. The script should require no more than three interior locations that the crew can create using a classroom/office building on the university campus.
  10. The judges will make their selection in part based on the production requirements of the screenplays.
  11. The producers of the short film retain the right to make changes to the script to improve it or to allow for more efficient production.
  12. Members of the families of Webster University employees, board members or contractors are not eligible to enter.
  13. While the screenwriter grants the right to the university to produce a film based on the winning script, to exhibit the film, and to use the film for promotion of the summer camp, the screenwriter retains all other rights to the work.
  14. If the winning script is written by a student under the age of eighteen, he or she must submit a permission slip signed by a parent or legal guardian before he or she can collect a prize or have his or her script produced by the summer filmmaking camp.
  15. The script should be submitted as a PDF file to
  16. The deadline to submit a script is Monday, April 10, 2017. 

For information on screenplay formatting, see "Formatting Tips" under screenwriting resources on the website for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (the Oscars). You will find it at If you do not already own formatting software like Final Draft, you can use a program like Celtx, which you can download for no cost at or at Amazon Storywriter at

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Updated 11/29/2016