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Student Intern at the City of St. Peters – Summer 2013

Amanda Karas, BA [MAJOR] '13

When did you begin applying for your internship at City of St. Peters?Amanda Karas

I went to the Internship Expo at the beginning of Fall semester, and found the City of St. Peters. I immediately emailed the PR Specialist that night after I had spoken with her at the fair. I wanted her to know that I was a go-getter and that I really wanted this position. Shortly after, they called me for an interview.

When applying, what did you do to prepare and/or set yourself apart 
from other candidates?

My dad has always taught me to “be a leader, not a follower” and that is exactly what I did. I showed them that I was different from other candidates by being professional and organized and by showing them my positive outlook on life and my enthusiasm about the field of Public Relations. When going into the interview, it is important to be professional, but also to have a conversation with the interviewers and show them that you are a real person who is truly interested in helping the company or organization.

What were your main responsibilities as an intern?

Every day was something new and exciting. I did a lot of writing, photography, researching, contacting vendors, working under budgets, and meeting with other departments regarding large City events. I truly love the events side of Public Relations. I love to work with vendors, create budgets, organize information, and make sure that each event is a great success!

What is the most valuable new skill you've learned since beginning your 

Being adaptable and being prepared for anything. In Special Events, my supervisors taught me that no matter how much you plan, something always changes the day of the actual event. Whether this is good or bad, you have to be ready to make changes accordingly. My supervisors were amazing at this, they were always prepared and ready for anything that was thrown their way. I really admired their work ethic.

What has been your greatest success?

Making connections and getting the practical experience I need for the real world. My supervisor gave me a name of a woman who would be a great person to talk to about Public Relations and the communications field. I got in contact with her and she was great! She graduated from Webster and has been extremely successful ever since. She helped me so much with any questions that I had. She even invited me to IABC, a professional organization, where I made even more connections to help me in the future!

In five or fewer words, describe the work environment at City of St. Peters.

Helpful, organized, positive, educational, exciting.

In what ways has your internship experience been different from what you initially expected?

I learned so much and made numerous connections that will help me in my career path. I have met so many people and worked so many large City events. I feel ready for the world of Public Relations and Special Events. Before this internship, I was nervous about getting my first job out of college, but now I feel so prepared and ready to take on any new challenge that comes my way!

In what ways has it been exactly what you expected?

I excepted to learn a lot about the Public Relations field and work a ton of events that will help me gain that practical experience I need and have more to add to my resume!

How would you advise students who are just beginning to think about 
their internship search?

Start early, go to the Internship Expo, and make connections by joining a professional organization or volunteering!

What's next for Amanda Karas?

Since this is my Senior year, I really want to focus on my on-campus jobs at Webster. I want to leave this university knowing that I helped out with major school events and incoming students and that I made a difference here. I also want to begin looking for places to work after I graduate. Who knows, maybe I'll work at Webster!

What else would you like to add?

Webster has truly prepared me for this internship. I was surprised at how well I could write and understand the PR world just from what I had learned in my classes. You will find out that you know more than you think, so don't be nervous, ask questions and step out of your comfort zone. You will be successful if you do!


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