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An academic internship through the School of Communications Center for Portfolio Development & Internships (The Center) is your chance to dive into your chosen field and gain valuable experience. It's an opportunity that bridges the academic and professional worlds, and one that shouldn't be missed.

Internship Program Information for Communications Students

The Center for Portfolio Development & Internships assists more than 150 undergraduate students within 16 different majors each year in securing internships across the country. Internships can be paid or unpaid, depending upon the organization. Students may complete internships in all three academic semesters (fall, spring, and summer).

To ensure students are prepared for their internship, The Center works hard to:

  • Provide career path advice to students
  • Match students with internships based upon skill set and interest
  • Provide students with the resources necessary to achieve success

Internships are available in production houses and studios, agencies, health care, sports entertainment, non-profit organizations, educational environments, commercial studios, publications, radio, television, corporate settings, and cultural institutions.

Each year The Center invites a sampling of these groups and organizations to the St. Louis home campus for an Internship Expo. Through the Internship Expo students can meet a variety of professionals, begin networking, and even obtain an internship.

All undergraduate students who participate in a School of Communications-approved, credit-bearing internship by partnering with The Center for Portfolio Development & Internships:

  • Intern under the supervision of an intern supervisor who is an established professional in his or her field/industry, and who has significant professional experience and preferably a degree/certification in the student's area of study
  • Work at an organization that provides a dedicated commercial workspace and all necessary equipment for student intern to perform his or her duties, tasks, and assignment
  • Gain entry-level industry experience and build a network of professional contacts
  • Perform a minimum of 192 hours of supervised work and meet the course requirements for MEDC4950, including monthly seminars
  • Receive a grade based 50 percent on academic work and 50 percent on evaluation by the internship supervisor

Portfolio and Internship Resources for Students

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