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Nestlé Purina Petcare Company offers internships in the areas of advertising and marketing communications and public relations.

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Daniel Koehler, account executive, Marketing Public Relations gave us a few tips and tidbits about interning at Nestlé Purina Petcare Company’s internal creative communications and design department, CheckMark.

Daniel KoehlerWhat is CheckMark?

CheckMark is Nestlé Purina’s internal creative communications and design department. While CheckMark functions like an advertising agency, this team’s portfolio is exclusive to Purina brands.

What are the main responsibilities of an intern in CheckMark?

An intern in the CheckMark Marketing Public Relations department focuses on research, monitoring, public relations, and marketing activities.

How might a student intern applicant set him or herself apart from other potential intern candidates?

We recommend that students have a polished, well-rounded résumé highlighting both school and work responsibilities. A common misconception is that résumés should only be one page. We recommend providing all of your experience, even if it trails off to more than one single page. This allows us the opportunity to fully evaluate a candidate’s potential.

What are some classic application and/or interviewing mistakes?
Grammar and misspellings on résumés are more common than most would think. While we do not proofread when screening résumés and applications, these errors certainly factor into the first impression. The most common interviewing mistake is a lack of professionalism and coming unprepared. You can best prepare by having several examples and details of previous experiences in mind ready to be discussed with the interviewer. Click here to learn more about our behavioral-based interviewing model.

What three qualities do you most look for in a student intern?
Any applicant, without exception, must meet the basic qualifications for the position in order to be considered. We look for individuals with strong drive and desire to make a positive contribution to the business while taking away great work experience. We also seek those who are able and willing to learn and accept feedback.

What all can students expect to learn during his or her time as an intern with you?

Students can expect to get a good foundation of marketing PR at an agency. We provide interns with hands-on experience in researching projects, reporting results, actively pitching media, developing PR strategy, staffing experiential events, and getting acclimated to a professional work environment.

How heavily do you weigh sample work, online portfolios and/or previous work experiences as you make hiring decisions?
For a majority of the internship opportunities within CheckMark, we do require a portfolio of writing and/or design samples. These samples can be from class assignments or personal projects, not necessarily from previous work or internship experiences. In conjunction with the portfolio are several behavioral-based interview questions that must be successfully answered in order to move forward through the hiring process.

Once hired, what is the most important thing a student intern should remember to do each day?
The internship opportunities we provide at Nestlé Purina are two-fold. We recognize the value of having youthful talent collaborating and contributing within our teams of experts, but we also strive to give students the experience and portfolio they need to take those first and next steps in their career. It’s most important that our interns remember that they are here to learn as much as they can about our business, our industry, and about their potential for the future.

What makes an intern successful?
Successful interns are those who develop transferrable skills, while at Purina, that will lead them to the next steps in their career.

What should students know about a professional work environment that they might not already know?
Students should know that not every professional work environment is the same. Each one is based on the company and the passion of its employees.

What is the most important piece of advice you give a student at the end of an internship?

Don’t let the communication stop at the end of your internship. Keep in contact with the people who you have learned from during your internship. These contacts are not only a great resource to have, but also are your future colleagues.

Tell us about your experience working with Webster students.

So far, I’ve worked with one Webster student, but the experience has been overwhelmingly positive. I would certainly be open to hiring someone from Webster in the future and welcome students to apply for internships (keep an eye on our Careers website as postings frequently turnover).




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