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What is the Galaxy Radio Club?

We are a fully operating campus radio station with the most up-to-date technology. Whether you’re serious about radio as a career or just interested in exploring your creative skills, we would love to talk to you about the opportunities at the Galaxy. No experience necessary! 

Student DJ on the Galaxy Radio

How can the Galaxy Radio Club help me grow?

Whether you have a passion for music, sports, news, talk shows, production, promotions, marketing, advertising or leadership, the Galaxy Radio Club can give you hands-on training that can help grow your skills.

Our club can help you enhance:

  • Communications skills
  • Creative expression
  • Broadcasting techniques
  • Marketing and P.R. skills
  • Social media skills
  • Effective audience engagement techniques
  • Voice inflection and projection
  • Technical skills
  • Digital radio production
  • Support from professional broadcasters
  • Credentials for your resume

What type of leadership roles are available and what would I be responsible for in each role?

  • General Manager - Supports student management team on all station activities
  • Program Director - Makes station programming decisions, communicates with on-air staff, assists with station events
  • Promotions Director - Markets station throughout campus for specific station promotions, works with social networking
  • Production Director- Produces and schedules station promos, assists DJ’s with station
  • Music Director - Discovers, adds and schedules music logs to station library
  • Local Project Director - Researches, produces and schedules interviews, podcasts, and articles for station website of local opportunities of interest to students for station. Related topics will include music and local events  on and off campus
  • Sports Director - Identifies all appropriate sporting events and sports news  for station, schedules play-by-play programming and schedules announcers for broadcast.
  • Web Master - Works with station website needs including social media, effective web designing, assists with set up of online station surveys

Is the Galaxy Radio Club right for me?

The Galaxy Radio Club is dedicated to giving all Webster students a voice on our station. So whatever you’re studying, there’s a place for you here! There are many areas where the Galaxy Radio Club fits in perfectly with your field of study including:

  • Advertising and Marketing Communications     Live Music on the Galaxy
  • Public Relations
  • Broadcast Journalism
  • Business Administration
  • Technology
  • Audio Production
  • Speech Communication Studies
  • Scriptwriting
  • Professional Writing

For an online application to join us or for more information, please click one of the links below:

Galaxy Application

Galaxy Information 




Mentor: Mary Cox

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