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The Galaxy Radio is Webster University's student-run radio station. Podcasts and videos on this site reflect our commitment to highlighting student-produced work, student resources, guest speakers, and events happening on Webster campuses everywhere.

Advice for First Year Students #new2webster
We all feel better when we know what to expect.  When it comes to college life this can be especially true. In the podcasts below, we asked President Stroble, current students, and staff for advice on what to expect your first year at Webster University.

Webster University President Elizabeth (Beth) Stroble's advice for first year students #new2webster:

Getting Through the First Year
Academic Help
Available Resources
Finding A Study Group

Current Webster University students and staff advice for first year students #new2webster:

Make connections
Get involved
Manage your time
Know your resources

Career Planning and Development Center Tips

Career Planning and Development is a Webster University service than can get you on the right path to a successful job search.  From resume writing to interviewing skills and much more you'll find all the valuable preparation material needed to begin a successful journey. Below are a few podcast tips from experts ready to help you prepare your present or future search.

Please note-During the interview below you will hear the "Career Planning and Development Center"  mentioned as "Career Services" (it's former name).  While the name has been changed the quality and services have been improved.

 Career Planning and Development Services

Answering Interview Questions

Asking For A Timeline on the Hiring Process

Marketing Yourself

Getting Your Resume Noticed

Preparing For the Interview

Using Career the Planning and Development Center as a Networking Resource

The Local Project

Everywhere you walk on campus you're surrounded by creative talent in many.  With so much available talent in and around campus the Galaxy radio thinks it's a great idea to celibate it and share it with you right here!  No matter what form it takes; music, poetry, art, film, dance and more, you'll see and hear it right here.


Local Music-Hip-Hop Artist Podcast

G Souldier A.K.A. Lacey Turner is a Webster University-St Louis student. He is majoring in Film Production and he is a Hip-Hop artist who has been writing since the 7th grade. His lyrics paint vivid, realistic images about life and his music is fresh. Listen to his work and you will see that G Souldier is not your typical Hip Hop artist. 

Voices Of Webster

Voices of Webster is a Galaxy radio presentation that shares stories of passion, inspiration, and motivation, from students, faculty, and staff at Webster University. It’s the story of what brings us all together. 

Meet Susan Polgar and Paul Truong coaches of  Webster’s Chess team-Spice. The number 1 ranked chess team in the nation.

Chess Champions

This edition of Voices of Webster features a conversation with Susan Polgar and Paul Truong, coaches of Webster's two-time national champion chess team, SPICE. We discuss the controversy surrounding the chess team, what it takes to be a good chess player, and what having a prestigious chess team means for Webster University.  For more information about SPICE Click Here.


Webster University Resource Connections

Want to learn about Webster University student resources available to you?  This is the place! We interview the people who are here to help you grow. From Academic Advising to Health Services, Counseling and Development, Financial Aid and much more. Our podcasts will help you sort through the many available resources Webster University provides.


First Year Experience Program Podcast

First Year Experience Program Director Sarah Tetley and Retention Initiatives Program Coordinator Justin Bartin  give us insight into their positions and how their departments helps new students.  A must hear podcast for all new Webster students!  Connect to web page.    


Campus Events

Whether it's a live concert, art exhibit, or other attraction in or around campus-Campus Events will keep you informed on what is about to happen or already has. If it's important to's important to us! Come back often to find the latest information.

Beatles tribute band "The Abby Road Warriors" recreated the famous "Let It Be" roof top concert for Webster University-St. Louis. We discussed the original event, the impact of the Beatles, and what it's like, as a musician, performing their music. 

Webster University Seminar Connections

Seminars give us insight to areas of interest or they're just plain interesting.  With so many of them happening all over the Webster U campus  and scheduled at the same time you have class how do you keep up with them? The answer...Webster University Seminar Connections. We find them, record them and rebroadcast them right here, as podcasts so you never have to miss another seminar again.

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