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The Vienna Review in joint venture with Falter Verlag

The Vienna Review is entering a joint venture with the Falter Verlag, publishers of the weekly Falter, one of the leading city papers in the German language market.  Consequently, The Vienna Review has recently moved its operation to the Falter facilities in the first district.
This partnership is a major step forward for The Vienna Review and its publisher, Dardis McNamee.  We congratulate Dardis for bringing the Vienna Review from its modest start-up operation at Webster Vienna into the fold of a major media concern. This is a testament to her dedication and drive to create a viable English-language newspaper here in Austria.
As Dardis has experienced, running The Vienna Review is more than a full-time job. Consequently, she will discontinue her teaching at Webster to focus on making a success of this new stage of the paper's development. Webster students will still have the possibility of doing internships at The Vienna Review and we expect to continue our cooperation with The Vienna Review in various ways.
“I want to thank Dardis for teaching our students at Webster these past seven years. A winner of the University-wide Kemper Excellence in Teaching Award in 2007 and the Vienna campus Excellence in Teaching Award (2004-5), Dardis brought her intellectual passions into the classroom in a way that fired the minds of many students for whom she has been an integral part of the Webster experience.
I'm sure I am speaking for all of us in thanking Dardis for her contributions to Webster and wishing her good fortune with this new venture.”
Dr. Arthur Hirsh, Director Webster University Vienna

Republished from the Webster University Vienna web site