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General School Policies 

The Director of the Music School has the responsibility and authority to administer the school’s programs, monitor its academic and disciplinary policies, and supervises the admission and continued registration of its students.

The following policies and procedures of the Music School have been established in order to assist quality and continuity of study. All students are required to abide by them.

1. Students enrolling for individual lessons should not be studying with another individual instructor on the same instrument.

2. Students and/or parents have the responsibility of communicating with their teacher if an instructional, scheduling, or other problem arises. If the problem cannot be solved, the student and/or parent should contact the school office.

3. Students taking individual lessons who wish to change teachers must first notify and/or discuss any issues with their current teacher and make an effort to mutually resolve any problems. If a resolution is not found, contact the Registration Coordinator or Music School Director for approval to switch.

4. Because faculty teaching is tightly scheduled, students must make every effort to be on time for all lessons and classes. In deference to subsequent students and classes, all lessons/classes will end at the scheduled time. Faculty will wait for a student for one-third of the scheduled lesson time; students are asked to do the same in the event of a teacher’s late arrival. Arrival past that time will be considered a missed lesson.

5. To best serve the musical needs of its students, the Music School reserves the right to dismiss any student because of lack of interest or progress, frequent unexcused absences (three or more lessons), frequent tardiness, disruptive behavior, delinquency in payment of tuition, and/or failure to abide by policies by students or parents.

6. In order to ensure that student performances and audition experiences are positive and educational for each student, the Music School recommends that students registered for individual lessons at the school consult with and receive approval from their individual lesson teacher prior to initiating these activities.

7. Students and parents agree to accept faculty and administrative decisions regarding enrollment, financial aid, scholarships, evaluations, awards, and applications of policies made under the published policies and procedures of the school.

8. The School Director and the Dean of the Leigh Gerdine College of Fine Arts are, respectively, the ultimate authority regarding decisions made under the published policies and procedures of the school, unless the provisions of the specific policy of Webster University delegates authority elsewhere.

9. An appeal for a decision regarding instruction should be directed to the Office of the Director of the Community Music School of Webster University. The appeal will be reviewed by the CMS Director and the Dean of the Leigh Gerdine College of Fine Arts.

The Music School reserves the right to modify or cancel any class, lesson, or course due to insufficient enrollment or instrumentation or extenuating circumstances.

Registration Policies

New Students:

1.  Prospective students and/or parents should attend registration where a lesson time will be arranged. (See registration dates, times and locations on the CMS website: Care is taken in pairing students with instructors. A student’s background, personality, personal motivation and goals, as well as specific needs or requirements are carefully considered before a teacher is suggested. By registering students in person, our staff is able to assess these criteria to better ensure that the student is placed with the most appropriate instructor and will progress and thrive in his or her musical studies.

2.  Registration is completed by discussing CMS policies and signifying acceptance. At registration, students will be given the teacher’s name, plus the day, time, and location of the lessons. An email containing the student ID number and instructions for setting up the online account will be emailed shortly after registration.

Returning students:

1. Returning students must submit a Re-enrollment Form indicating their intent and commitment
to re-enroll for the following semester. The link to this form will be emailed to every student
near the end of the previous semester. Submission of this form gives returning class/individual
lesson students preference on a teacher’s schedule. (The form is also available at each location
and on the CMS home page:

2. The Re-enrollment Form alone does not automatically register a student for lessons. Student
account balances must be paid in full before actual registration can take place.
Students with an outstanding account balance cannot be guaranteed their place on a
teacher’s schedule, nor can they receive lessons until the previous semester’s balance is paid
in full. Students with a history of late or non-payment may be required to pay in full for the
next semester before enrollment may continue.

3. Returning students must also consult with their teachers about lesson times.

4. Billing statements will be mailed and available online by the 6th day of every month (if there
is a balance due).

5. If you have been in class instruction, your teacher will recommend the best class placement
for the upcoming semester.

Waiting List Policy:

1. If it is not possible to place students with an appropriate teacher/class during registration,
students may elect to place their names on the waiting list for that instrument or class. Only
those who attend registration and attempt to enroll in individual instruction may be placed on
the waiting list. Those who mail in class registration forms will also be placed on a waiting list
pending minimum enrollment.

2. If an opening occurs for that instrument or the minimum enrollment for a class is obtained,
students on the waiting list will be called to determine their interest in completing registration.

Missed Lessons Policies 

1. Students are enrolled and charged for the entire semester or session.  Students who register after the beginning of the semester are enrolled and charged for the remaining weeks in the semester. Regular attendance at all lessons, classes, and rehearsals for the semester is expected.  Students are charged for all lessons, classes and ensembles, including those missed due to student absence.
2. For individual lessons:    
a.  Since an individual instructor has reserved your weekly lesson time, any missed lesson due to student absence will not be made up, credited, or refunded.    
b.  Exceptions to this policy are made only due to student absence for religious observances.  In these cases, only one lesson per semester will be made up, and notification must be given to the teacher at least one week in advance.    
3.  For classes/rehearsals: Classes or rehearsals missed due to student absence will not be rescheduled and there will be no refund/credit of tuition.
4. When inclement weather or any other unforeseeable circumstances force the closing of the school for safety considerations, classes, lessons and rehearsals will not be made up and no reimbursement will be made.
5.  As a courtesy to your teacher/instructor, please notify your location office in advance of any absence.   
6.  Students who are unable to attend lessons or classes due to a long-term medical issue (3 or more consecutive weeks) may submit a written notification and physician's note to the Music School for consideration of a credit/refund for lessons/classes/rehearsals missed.  
7.  In the event the instructor cancels a lesson or class, a make-up lesson will be offered at a mutually convenient time.  An individual lesson teacher is required to offer two reasonable make-up date alternatives. 
8.  If a student cancels an agreed-upon make-up lesson, it will not be rescheduled.
9.  If lessons/classes/ensembles have been suspended because tuition payment is delinquent, no make-up lessons will be given.
School closing announcements will be made on KSDK Channel 5 TV, KMOX 1120 AM radio,, www.facebook/webstercms or by calling (314) 968-5939.


Sign up for Webster Alerts

Webster University (including the Community Music School) has implemented a new mass notification
system to be used to alert students, faculty, and staff in the event of an on-campus emergency or
school closure due to weather. Everyone’s e-mail address will automatically be added
and everyone will receive emergency alerts on their Webster University e-mail account unless they
decide to opt out of the alerts. Faculty, staff and students can then use their e-mail address to log into
the system and add cell phone numbers or additional e-mail addresses to receive the alerts.

Sign-up is fast and easy! Simply go to
create-account.html and complete the New User sign-up form. You must renew every other year. We
suggest you sign up for STL-Community Music School and STL-Webster Groves Main Campus. When
your account is about to expire you will receive a text and/or email message from Webster Alerts letting
you know that your account is going to expire.
This is a LEGITIMATE message. Accounts in Webster Alerts are currently set to expire 2 years after they
are created.

When you receive this message, simply log on to your Webster Alerts account at http:// and indicate that you wish to renew your

If you do not log on, your account will expire, and you will no longer receive text or email messages from
the Webster Alerts emergency and weather notification system.
If you have not yet subscribed to Webster Alerts, you can learn more about the service at

NOTE: If Webster University’s main campus closes due to inclement weather, all branches of
the Community Music School are also closed. There are no Makeup lessons in this case.


Payment Policies  

 1. All students will receive a paper billing statement each month around the 6th of the month as long as there is a balance due. You may pay this bill by mailing a check to the following address:

Webster University
P.O. Box 191165
St. Louis, MO 63119-7165

2. If you would like to pay by credit card or electronic bank transfer or check, you must do so through your Online Account:

Online account: We recommend that you use the Webster University online portal, CASHNet® via Connections on the university website. When your student is registered with the CMS, you are given a student ID#, activation code and letter with directions for setting up your online account. This is more environmentally friendly and allows you to view your account at any time to see your balance due, payments made, and discounts applied. It is a secure system. Be sure to set up email forwarding to your personal email account.

You will be notified by e-mail around the 6th of the month, when a balance is due, that your statement is ready to be viewed. A link will be provided in the e-mail taking you to the Connections home page: You will log-in to Connections to view your statement and make a payment by credit card or electronic bank transfer.

Fall  Online Due Date*
August 8/7 9/1
September 9/6 10/1
October 10/9 11/1
November 11/6 12/1**
January 1/8 2/1
February 2/6 3/1
March 3/6 4/1
April 4/9 5/1**
June 6/7 7/1
July 7/9 8/1**

* *A monthly 1.5% interest charge will be assessed on balances remaining on account after the first due date of each semester (Sept. 1, Feb. 1 and July 1). To avoid all interest charges, full tuition balance must be paid by first due date of each semester. **Account balances must be paid in full by these dates for continuous enrollment.
**Account balances must be paid in full by these dates for continuous enrollment.

Account balances may be paid in one of following ways:

  • By check:  All students will be mailed a paper billing statement around the 6th of each month as long as there is a balance due.  You  may pay this bill by mailing a check to the following address.  Be sure to send the top half of the statement or write the student's ID# on the check:

Webster University
PO Box 191165
St. Louis, MO  63119-7165

  • By credit card, debit card (Master Card, VISA, Discover or American Express*) or electronic bank transfer (ACH): This is only possible through your Webster online account: When your student is registered with the CMS, you are given a student ID# and directions for setting up your online account.  This is more environmentally friendly and allows you to view your account at any time to see your balance due, payments made, and discounts applied.  It is a secure system.  *Please note there is a 2.75% convenience fee charged by the credit card companies when paying by credit card online.
  • Set up automatic payments through personal bank directing your bank to send check (please allow 7-10 days for check to be mailesd) indicating student ID# to Webster University/PO Box 191165/St. Louis, MO 63119-7165

Monthly Payment Plan: Students may choose to make monthly payments on their semester tuition charges. Those who select this option will be charged a monthly interest rate of 1.5% on the balance remaining after the first due date of each semester. Failure to maintain the scheduled monthly payments may result in cancellation of lessons/classes/rehearsals.

There is a $25.00 fee for each returned check. If a check is returned, reimbursement must be made by money order or cash.

Tuition from previous semester must be paid in full before students may register for the following semester.  Members of orchestras or ensembles with unpaid CMS tuition balances from previous academic years for any CMS program must pay in full prior to the auditions and the first rehearsal of each semester or will not be able to participate in the orchestra/ensemble.

The Community Music School reserves the right to require those students with a history of delinquent payments to go into a “pre-payment” status, in which the student must pay IN FULL for the entire semester and any past due balances before enrollment may continue.

Refund/Drop Policies 

Individual instruction:

1. You must contact the office.  (Contacting the instructor is not sufficient.)  If the student withdraws 24 hours or more before the first lesson/class, s/he will be billed only for the $30 registration fee.  If the student does not give 24 hours or more of notice, s/he will be billed the $30 registration fee and a $125 penalty fee. 

2.  To cancel your registration 24 hours before the first lesson, please email the Assistand Director at or call 314-968-5939.

3.  If a student withdraws between the day of the first lesson and the end of the sixth week of the CMS semester, they will be billed for the lessons received from the time of enrollment, the $30 registration fee, and a $125 penalty fee.  

4.  To cancel your registration after the first day of lessons, please send an email to or call 314-968-5939. 

5.  There are no refunds after the sixth week of the semester (Fall & Spring Semesters).  Students will be charged and responsible for the full semester tuition and any applicable fees and interest charges.  

6.  Summer Session:  Withdrawals between the day of the first class/lesson and the end of the 2nd week of the session will be billed for the lessons from the time of enrollment, the $30 registration fee, and a $50 penalty fee.  There are no refunds after the 2nd week of the summer session.  
7. Group instruction (including Kindermusik and Music for Little Mozarts classes): Tuition for group classes is not refundable unless classes are cancelled due to insufficient enrollment.