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CMS Students Play for 2019-2020 St. Louis Symphony Youth Orchestra


July 2, 2019 - The following CMS students will play for the 2019-2020 St. Louis Symphony Youth Orchestra:


Theo Bockhorst, co-concertmaster, violin (Prep)

Anna Zhong, co-concertmaster, violin (Prep)

Ethan Mayer, co-principal 2nd violin (Prep)

Katie He, assistant principal 2nd violin (Prep)

Daboh Ahn, violin (Prep/YPSO)

Ava Andrews, violin (Prep/YPSO)

Sophia Heaton, violin (YPCO)

Noah Kennedy, violin (Prep/YPSO)

Ava Mandoli, violin (Prep/YPSO)

Kate Reynolds, violin (Prep/YPSO)

Annie Ruan, violin (YPSO)

Bradley Smith, violin (Prep/YPCO)

Lilly Tungviolin, (Prep/YPSO)

Ryan Tung, violin, (Prep/YPSO)

Daniel Xu, violin, (YPSO)

Kevin Zhou, violin,  (James Czyzewski)


Molly Prow, co-principal, viola (Prep)

Junyi Su, co-principal, viola (Prep)

Jay Lipsutz, assistant principal, viola (Prep)

Olivia Davis, viola (Carolyn Hoyer)

Philip Duchild, viola (Prep)

Linnea Johansen, viola (YPSO)

Jacob Sheldon, viola (Ingrid Popp)

Katie Snelling, viola  (Prep)

Andy Zhang, viola  (YPSO)


Alex Cho, co-principal, cello (Cathie Lehr)

Adam Zhao, co-principal, cello (David Kim)

Roland LaBonté, assistant principal, cello (Prep/YPSO)

Madeline Buchowski, cello (David Kim)

Elinor Dana, cello (Jun Seo)

Daniel Diringer, cello (Cathie Lehr)

Jacob Hinton, cello (David Kim)

Alexander Unseth, cello (David Kim)

Natalie Van Winkle, cello (Cathie Lehr)


Sammie Lee, co-principal, bass (Tim Weddle)

Anushka Dharmasanam, bass (Tim Weddle)

Gabriel Gilbert, bass (Tim Weddle)

Benjamin Wang, bass (YPSO)


Colleen McCracken, flute (YPSO)


Nicholas Karr, oboe (YPCO)


Pema Childs, clarinet (YPSO)

Sarah Oziemkiewicz, clarinet (Katie Myler)


Rafi Brent, horn (John Thomas)

Roshen Chatwal, horn (YPSO)


Daniel Jung, trombone (YPSO)


Asher Gunn, percussion (Erin Elstner)

Aleczander Hines, percussion (Erin Elstner)


Daniel Byer, bassoon (Donita Bauer)

Ella Chamberlain, harp (piano with Vera Parkin)

Rachel Li, cello (YPCO)

Grace Lai, percussion (Erin Elstner)

Sophia Davis, violin (YPSO)

Lucy Zhao, violin (YPSO)

From 1994 to 2001, the Community Music School was part of the St. Louis Symphony as the Saint Louis Symphony Community Music School. In 2001, the Community Music School moved to Webster University as a department of the Leigh Gerdine College of Fine Arts, but the relationship with the St. Louis Symphony remains strong through the Community Partnership program. CMS is proud to have so many students participate in both CMS and SLSYO programs.

Admission into the SLSYO is by audition only and the orchestra consists of 95-100 young musicians ranging in age from 12-22. Youth Orchestra musicians regularly represent more than 40 schools throughout the bi-state region. There are over 2,000 alumni in a wide range of professions, including six current members of the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra

In addition to rehearsing and performing challenging orchestral repertoire under the direction of conductor Gemma New, musicians receive regular coaching and mentoring from the world-class musicians of the SLSO. The SLSYO presents three free concerts per season in historic Powell Hall.