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CMS Suzuki Students perform at Barnes Hospital

cms suzuki students playing at barnes hospitalOn Saturday, October 26th, a group of violin, viola and cello students from the CMS Suzuki program performed at the Center for Advanced Medicine at Barnes Hospital. Over 40 students participated so the performance was broken into 2 groups - cellos and violas in one and all violins in the second.  

"We want our students to learn and appreciate the healing power of music by providing them several opportunities for community performance," says Graham Woodland, Suzuki Violin Instructor.

In addition to frequent community performances, the Suzuki program at the Community Music School includes weekly individual instruction for the student and their home teacher (usually the parent), bi-monthly group classes and the biennial Suzuki Workshop Weekend. Suzuki students learn to play the violin, viola or cello the same way they learn to speak - by listening, imitating, and repeating sounds. Suzuki violin and viola students start as early as age 4 and Suzuki cello students begin at age 5. As students progress through the program they learn to read music and advanced students play in the Suzuki Ensemble which has performed at Powell Symphony Hall and at the Fox Theatre.

The CMS Suzuki program has openings for the Spring Semester. If interested, please complete our inquiry form and a staff person will contact you.