Individual Lessons


Flute lesson with Carolyn Hoyer

Individual music lessons at the Community Music School prepare students to express themselves musically and acquire the skills necessary to successfully participate in ensembles, perform in public, and enjoy a lifelong love of music.    

The Community Music School offers private music lessons for all ages, levels, and abilities.  Students meet for one-on-one weekly sessions with CMS instructors.  Music lessons are available on all instruments of the band and orchestra, piano, guitar, harp, and voice.  Lessons are offered at four St. Louis locations, including an After School partnership program with the St. Louis Public School District.    

Our walk-in registration sessions allow staff members to consider a student's background, personality, personal motivation and goals, as well as specific needs or requirements, to place the student with the most appropriate instructor. 

Youngest beginning age:

  • Piano:  6 years
  • Guitar:  6 years
  • Harp:  12 years
  • Traditional Strings:  7-8 years
  • Suzuki Violin:  4-6 years (more info about Suzuki Strings)
  • Suzuki Cello:  5-7 years (more info about Suzuki Strings)
  • Woodwinds & brass:  9-10 years
  • Percussion:  9-10 years
  • Voice:  12-13 years
  • Composition:  12 years (must have basic note-reading skills)
  • Theory:  Reading age 

Lesson Lengths:  30, 45, or 60 minutes/week 

Length of Semester: Fall & Spring semester:  18 weeks each 
Summer session:  6 weeks 

Session Dates:
Fall 2015 Semester:  August 15, 2015-January 9, 2016 
Spring 2016 Semester:  January 19-May 27, 2016 (plus June 2 for Thursday lessons, June 4 for Saturday lessons, and June 6 for Monday lessons)
Summer 2016 Session:  June 18-August 1, 2016 

 What you need to be successful: 

  • Your own instrument and/or regular access to an instrument for practice.  A traditional piano is preferred for piano students and is essential after the first semester of lessons.
  • Be prepared to attend lessons weekly with instruments in good order. 
  • Regular practice and attendance are essential to music study. 
  • Students are encouraged to attend CMS master classes, workshops, concerts, and recitals.  These educational opportunities are designed to enhance learning and students' progress. 

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