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Kindermusik® Birthday Parties


Celebrate your child's special day with a Kindermusik birthday party!  

Kindermusik birthday parties One of our Kindermusik educators comes to your home or site and leads 40 minutes of musical activities. It's a musical sing-along/participatory party with lively singing and musical movement/dancing activities using scarves, egg shakers and other assorted percussion instruments for play-along. We prefer to have some adults participating with the children, depending on the ages of the children in attendance. We custom tailor the party to the birthday child, ask for their favorite music and songs, give the birthday child a musical gift, and give the guests a coupon for a free visit to a Kindermusik class. It's very fun and upbeat.

Cost: $150 for 12 children, and $5 more per additional children.
If you are interested, we would be glad to see if one of our educators is available for the date, time and location you have in mind.

Please call or email with the following information:
1. How many children attending?
2. What are the approximate children's ages who will be attending the party?
3. When is the birthday child's birth date?
4. What is the birthday child's name?
5. When are you interested in having the party (give us a couple of times & dates, if possible, to see which educator is available.)
6. The location of the party.
7. How you heard about Kindermusik birthday parties?

Call (314) 968-5939 or email

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