Kindermusik® Family Time


Age:  6 months - 6 years with parent or caregiver 

Kindermusik Family Time

Kindermusik Family TimeWith older children ready to show the little ones how it's done and the younger ones eager to learn, Family Time becomes a multi-layered learning environment. The whole family can listen to instruments and to each other, learn and explore together, and enjoy music and movement with hoops, scarves and tumble-around play. Story time and family jams, puppet play and happy singing—all Family Time activities encourage discovery and exploration and foster sharing and social skills too. In this special class, your children will strengthen their ties with each other and with you. It's hard to find time for things you can all do together, but in Family Time, you'll see how just how far music and together time can go.

Fall 2014 Class: Our Kind of Day 
Music time isn't just at music class, it's all day long! What better way to build family bonds than to sprinkle music and movement throughout playtime, mealtime, clean-up time, bath time, and nighttime? At each lesson, parents are given ideas for creativity and insights into their child’s development. With catchy songs such as “Wishy, Washy, Wee” for bath time, “Go Into the Kitchen” for mealtime, and "Love Somebody" at bedtime—parenting becomes easier and a lot more fun! Over the course of 10 weeks, each lesson is packed with singing, listening, story time, creative movement, instrument play, family jams, and sharing. 

Class Structure: 1 class per week for 10 weeks

Class Length: 40 minutes/week

Fall Semester: September 6–December 20, 2014

Fall 2014 Schedule Des Peres 
The Lodge
  1050 Des Peres Road
Des Peres, MO 63131
 Wednesday   9:00-9:40a 


Tuition:  $126 per semester; 2nd child $105* per semester; 3rd child $84 per semester; plus kit fee, & $10 per semester registration fee 
*Babies up to 6 months are free with one paid enrollment. Our Kind of Day at home material kit

Material Kit Fees:  

  • $58 for one or more children to share, 2 CDs, 2 books, 2 instruments, game and family guide and tote bag. 
  • Materials are non-refundable once opened.

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