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Kindermusik® Foundations - Village


  • Age:  Birth-18 months with an adult 
Kindermusik Village babyKindermusik Village

Make baby's first class musical!  Our Foundations classes offer a sensory-rich yet caring and gentle environment where infants can explore and react to new sounds, sensations, and objects.  Shared activities for babies and their caregivers provide the opportunity to strengthen your connection with your child through joyful music-making experiences.


  • Listening to and experiencing songs and rhymes
  • Back-and-forth vocal plays and other parent-child interactions that build neural pathways in a baby's developing brain
  • Exploring bab-safe instruments and other object play
  • Baby-caregiver bonding excercises, including story time, massage, and relaxation activities

Skills & Benefits

  • Increased balance and control over movements and strengthened core muscles
  • Ability to embrace both familiar and unfamiliar social experiences
  • Development of listening and back -and-forth communication skills
  • Introduction to a variety of spoken sounds and rhythms that will support language and literacy development

Fall 2018 Themes

Session 1 Theme (weeks 1-7) 
"Zoom Buggy"
Swoosh, vroom, clickety-clack...we're on the go!
Kindermusik Kit:  Colorful board book of different vehicles, home CD of the songs heard in class, art banners, and a set of shape shakers

Session 2 Theme (weeks 8-14)
"Dream Pillow"

Cuddle, swirl, dance and play!
Kindermusik Kit:  A board book that calms and relaxes - Dream Pillow Lullaby, home CD of the songs heard in class, art banners and a baby bell

Class Structure: 1 class per week for 14 weeks or mini-session for 7 weeks

Class Length: 40 minutes/week

Fall Semester: August 27 - December 15, 2018 (starting and ending dates vary by location, please see the weekly calendar)

Fall 2018 Schedule Webster Groves
First Methodist Church
JCC Marilyn Fox Building
Des Peres
The Lodge
University City
Holy Communion Episcopal Church
  600 N. Bompart
Webster Groves, MO 63119
16801 Baxter Rd.
Chesterfield, MO 63005
1050 Des Peres Rd.
Des Peres, MO 63131
7401 Delmar Blvd.
University City, MO  63130
Tuesday     11:15-11:55a  
Wednesday     11-11:40a FULL

Thursday  11:00 - 11:40a FULL
(mini-session 2* is open)
Saturday   9-9:40a  mini-session 2* only    

*Session 2 starts the week of October 22, 2018

Tuition & Fees

Fall 2018 Tuition per 14-week semester: $210 per semester, plus kit fees, & $10 per semester registration fee
Fall 2018 Tuition per 7-week semester: $119 per semester, plus kit fees, & $10 per semester registration fee

Material Kit Fees 

$76 per semester for full 14-week session (Zoom Buggy and Dream Pillow) 2 CDs, 2 books, 2 instruments, 4 wall banners

  • $41 per semester for 7-week mini-session - 1 music CD, 1 baby's literature book, 1 instrument, and 2 wall banners
  • No kit fee for babies whose older siblings have all materials
  • Materials are non-refundable once opened.

Feathers Kit for Fall 2017  The Rhythm of My Day Kit for Spring 2017

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