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Tuition Assistance
Registration Fee
Withdrawal/Refund Policy
Make Up Class Policy 
Payment Policy

Early Enrollment Discount: $10 is deducted from tuition for a 14-week class (or $5 for a 7-week class) if registered on or before August 12 for fall and January 13 for spring.

Demo Day Discount: $10 for a 14 week class (or $5 for a 7-week class) is deducted from tuition if baby or child is registered at a Demo Day session.

Sibling/Twin Discount: $15 is deducted for 14-week classes ($7.50 for 7-week Village session).  The first child is registered for the full tuition and each additional sibling or twin is registered with a $15 tuition discount. 

Referral Discount: $10 discount is applied to one current child's tuition for each referred child enrolled.

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Tuition Assistance: The CMS offers a tuition assistance program that is based on a family's total household income. A percentage discount is provided based on the total household income with highest discount being 67%. Click here to download a Tuition Assistance form and instructions. 

Tuition Assistance forms should be submitted with or prior to the registration form in order to determine eligibility. Tuition assistance is not awarded retroactively. The assistance is applied once the award is determined and communicated to you. If you choose to begin classes before the award is determined, you will be responsible for the full tuition up to the date of the award.

A Tuition Assistance form must be completed for each child.

PLEASE NOTE: If a child receives Tuition Assistance, no other discounts may be applied.

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Registration fee: Each class enrollment has a $10 per semester, per child registration fee charged in addition to tuition and materials kit fees.

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Withdrawal/Refund Policy: Withdrawal Deadline: August 12 for fall and January 13 for spring

If registration is withdrawn on or before August 12 for fall and January 13 for spring, only the $10 registration fee will be charged and the rest refunded.

After August 12 for fall and January 13 for spring, if registration is withdrawn, the $10 registration fee and a $40 withdrawal fee will be charged and the rest refunded.

There are no refunds after the 3rd week of classes. 

There are no refunds for opened materials.

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Make up Class Policy: If a teacher misses a class, a make-up class will be offered.

If a child misses a class due to illness, arrangements may be made to make up that class at another time, with the permission of the teacher whose class you would like to visit.

You may use this privilege no more than 3 times per semester. Please be respectful of this offer and use it only for classes missed due to illness. This is not to make up classes where a family chooses another activity or family function over their scheduled class time.

If a class is too full and additional children and adults will negatively impact the educational value of the families signed up for that class, a teacher may choose not to approve a family requesting a make-up class.

Make-up classes are not provided when inclement weather or any other unforeseeable circumstances force the closing of a location for safety considerations.

School closing announcements will be made on KSDK Channel 5 TV, KMOX 1120 AM radio,,, and, the CMS Facebook page, or by calling (314) 968-5939. Parents may also sign up for automated campus closing alerts at  Sign up must be renewed every two years.

Every effort will be made to avoid canceling classes due to bad weather. When Webster University is closed due to weather, the Community Music School will also be closed.

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Payment: Families are encouraged to pay in full by check with their registration form.

Please note child's name on the check and mail the check with registration form to: 
Community Music School of Webster University
ATTN: Kindermusik/Young Years
470 E. Lockwood Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63119

Payment Plan Available: If a family would like an installment plan to split up the payments, the following options are available:

1.  A minimum deposit of $60, paid by check, is required with the submission of the registration form as noted above. (You may make a larger deposit, if you like.) 

2.  All students will be mailed a paper billing statement around the 6th of each month when there is a balance due. You may pay this bill by mailing a check to the address noted on the statement.

3.  If you would like to pay by credit card, electronic bank transfer (or check), you may do so through your Online Account:

 *A monthly 1.5% interest charge will be assessed on balances remaining on account after the first due date.
**Account balances must be paid in full by these dates for continuous enrollment.

Online account: You have the option of using the Webster University online portal, CASHNet® via Connections on the university website. When your student is registered with the CMS, you are given a student ID#, activation code and letter with directions for setting up your online account. This is more environmentally friendly and allows you to view your account at any time to see your balance due, payments made, and discounts applied. It is a secure system. We recommend that you set up email forwarding to your personal email account so you don't have to check two accounts.

You will be notified by e-mail around the 6th of the month, when a balance is due, that your statement is ready to be viewed. A link will be provided in the e-mail taking you to the Connections home page: You will log-in to Connections to view your statement and make a payment by credit card or electronic bank transfer. You may also print it out and mail it in with a check.

Fall 2016 Statement Available Online by Payment Due Date*
September 9/6 10/1
October 10/6 11/1
November 11/7 12/1**
Spring 2017    
February 2/6 3/1
March 3/6 4/1
April  4/6 5/1**

* A monthly 1.5% interest charge will be assessed on balances remaining on account after the first due date.
**Account balances must be paid in full by these dates for continuous enrollment.

Account balances may be paid in one of following ways:

  • Online by credit card (Master Card, VISA, Discover or American Express*) through the student’s Webster University Connections account.  *Please note there is a 2.75% convenience fee charged by the credit card companies when paying by credit card online.
  • Online by electronic/bank transfer through the student's webster University Connections account. There is no charge to use the electronic/bank transfer.  It is an easy option!

  • Through the mail by sending a check indicating student ID# or money order along with a copy of the billing statement to Webster University, PO Box 191165, St. Louis, MO 63119-7165

  • Set up automatic payments through personal bank directing bank to send check indicating student ID# to Webster University, PO Box 191165, St. Louis, MO 63119-7165

Monthly Payment Plan: Students may make monthly payments on their semester charges. Those who select this option will be charged a monthly interest rate of 1.5% on the balance remaining after each payment due date. Failure to maintain the scheduled monthly payments may result in cancellation of lessons/classes/rehearsals.

There is a $25.00 fee for each returned check. If a check is returned, reimbursement must
be made by money order or cash.

Tuition from previous semester must be paid in full before students may register for the following semester. 

The Community Music School reserves the right to require those students with a history of delinquent payments to go into a “pre-payment” status, in which the student must pay IN FULL for the entire semester and any past due balances before enrollment may continue.

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