Re-Enrollment Form for Continuing Individual & Suzuki Lesson Students


We hope you’re enjoying your lessons.

Spring Semester January 19, 2016 - May 27, 2016 (plus June 2, 4, 6) - 18 weeks

To continue lessons in the spring, please follow EACH of these steps:

1. Complete and submit the form below. You cannot be re-enrolled unless you complete this form.

2. To be eligible for continued enrollment in spring 2016 semester, fall 2015 semester tuition must be paid in full now

3. If you decide to cancel lessons after returning the form, you have until January 15th for spring semester to contact the Registration Coordinator at 314-246-4452 or If your cancellation is received after this date, you will be responsible for a $125 penalty fee for spring.

4. Speak with your teacher about lesson days and times for next semester.

Fill out my online form.