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Individual & Suzuki Lesson Policies


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Lesson Policies 

The Director of the Music School has the responsibility and authority to administer the school’s programs, monitor its academic and disciplinary policies, and supervises the admission and continued registration of its students.

  1. Students enrolling for individual lessons should not be studying with another individual instructor on the same instrument.
  2. Students and/or parents have the responsibility of communicating with their teacher if an instructional, scheduling or other problem arises. If the problem cannot be solved, the student and/or parent should contact the school office.
  3. In the case that CMS is required to use a virtual learning platform to deliver lessons CMS will strive to utilize internet-based platforms that ensure student safety and confidentiality. Virtual Learning will be delivered only through parent’s email addresses
  4. Students must make every effort to be on time for all lessons and classes. All lessons/classes will end at the scheduled time. Faculty will wait for a student for one-third of the scheduled lesson time; students are asked to do the same in the event of a teacher’s late arrival. Arrival past that time will be considered a missed lesson.
  5. Students taking individual lessons who wish to change teachers must first notify and/or discuss any issues with their current teacher and make an effort to mutually resolve any problems. If a resolution is not found, contact the Registration Coordinator or Music School Director for approval to switch.
  6. In order to ensure that student performances and audition experiences are positive and educational for each student, the Music School recommends that students registered for individual lessons at the school consult with and receive approval from their individual lesson teacher prior to initiating these activities.

The Music School reserves the right to modify or cancel any class, lesson, or course due to insufficient enrollment or instrumentation or extenuating circumstances.

Registration Policies

New Students:

  1. Prospective students and/or parents should attend a walk-in registration session when available or complete the online lesson inquiry form.  Care is taken in pairing students with instructors. A student’s background, personality, personal motivation and goals, as well as specific needs or requirements are carefully considered before a teacher is suggested. Our staff is able to assess these criteria to better ensure that the student is placed with the most appropriate instructor and will progress and thrive in his or her musical studies.
  2. Registration is completed by discussing CMS policies and signifying acceptance. Students will be given the teacher’s name, plus the day, time, and location of the lessons. An email containing the student ID number and instructions for setting up the online account will be emailed shortly after registration.
  3. Students are enrolled and charged for the entire semester or session. Students who register after the beginning of the semester are enrolled and charged for the remaining weeks in the semester. Regular attendance at all lessons/classes for the semester is expected.

Returning students:

  1. Returning students must submit a Re-enrollment Form indicating their intent and commitment to re-enroll for the following semester. The link to this form will be emailed to every student near the end of the previous semester. Submission of this form gives returning class/individual lesson students preference on a teacher’s schedule.
  2. The Re-enrollment Form alone does not automatically register a student for lessons. Student account balances must be paid in full before actual registration can take place. Students with an outstanding account balance cannot be guaranteed their place on a teacher’s schedule, nor can they receive lessons until the previous semester’s balance is paid in full. Students with a history of late or non-payment may be required to pay in full for the next semester before enrollment may continue.
  3. Returning students must also consult with their teachers about lesson times.
  4. Billing statements will be mailed and available online by the 6th day of every month (if there is a balance due).

Waiting List Policy

  1. If it is not possible to place students with an appropriate teacher/class during registration, students may be placed on a waiting list for that instrument or class. 
  2. If an opening occurs for that instrument or the minimum enrollment for a class is obtained, students on the waiting list will be called to determine their interest in completing registration.

Missed Lessons Policies for Fall 2020

For the safety of our community we ask that all students who are sick STAY HOME so as not to expose instructors and other students to illness.

  1. If a student misses a scheduled lesson, no make-up lessons will be arranged, unless it is a long-term absence of 3 lessons or more (see #5 below).
  2. If Webster University or any of the CMS locations closes due to COVID-19, in-person lessons will be moved online.
  3. Students should contact instructors AS SOON AS POSSIBLE about a failed health-check.
  4. If the school closes for inclement weather or any other unforeseeable circumstance for safety considerations, lessons will not be made up and no reimbursement will be made.
  5. Students who are unable to attend lessons due to a long-term (3 or more consecutive weeks) medical issue may receive a credit or refund for lessons or classes missed. A physician’s note is required within the relative semester.
  6. If the instructor cancels a lesson, a rescheduled make-up lesson will be offered.  Instructors are only required to offer two reasonable make-up date alternatives.
  7. Students may miss one lesson per semester due to religious observances.  One-week notification to the instructor is required.
  8. If a student cancels an agreed-upon make-up lesson, it will not be rescheduled or refunded.
  9. If lessons have been suspended because tuition payment is delinquent, no make-up lessons will be given.

Cancellation of all Lessons and Refunds

  1. Students must contact the CMS Assistant Director to cancel lessons.  (Contacting the instructor is not sufficient.)
  2. Students that withdraw 24 hours or more before the first lesson, will only be billed the $30 registration fee.
  3. Students that withdraw anytime between the day of the 1st  lesson and the end of the 6th week of the fall and spring semester, will be billed for the lessons from the time of enrollment, the $30 registration fee, and a $125 cancellation fee.
  4. There are no refunds for students that cancel lessons after the 6th week of the fall and spring semesters.  If a student cancels after the 6th week the students will be charged and responsible for the full semester tuition and any applicable fees and interest charges.
  5. During the summer semester, withdrawals between the day of the 1st class and the end of the 2nd week of the summer semester will be billed for the lessons from the time of enrollment, the $30 registration fee, and a $50 cancellation fee.  There are no refunds after the 2nd week of the summer semester.
  6. Tuition for group classes is not refundable unless classes are cancelled due to insufficient enrollment.

Media Policy

Video & Audio Release  

I hereby consent to be recorded in audio and/or visual formats for the Community Music School of Webster University.  Any such recordings (photographs, video, sound recordings, etc.) may be subsequently used without compensation to me by the Community Music School of Webster University, Webster University, or third parties for publications (including websites), advertising, and/or publicity purposes at the discretion of the Community Music School of Webster University.  I waive the right to inspect or approve the finished recordings and/or publications use.  This release will be kept on file.  If you have questions, please call 314-246-8154 or visit

CMS will occasionally use digital images and recordings of students, faculty, staff, alumni and visitors in order to advance the awareness and reputation of the institution.

The POLICY of the CMS is that students will only be photographed and or recorded (individually or in a group) at a public event or in a public venue.  Any photos taken in a public venue or at a public event remain the property of the Community Music School of Webster University. 

*Webster University adheres to any established protocols and procedures required of various educational and corporate partners, including the Department of Defense and Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

If you do not want your/your student’s image used for any reason contact the Community Relations Coordinator, Leslie Wobbe at to be placed on a NO MEDIA list.  CMS will make every effort to be sure your child’s image is not used in any way.  If your child is a member of an orchestra or ensemble, CMS will do their best to blur the child’s image in group photos or, have them sit out of a formal photo shoot.

If you have questions or concerns about this policy, please contact the CMS Community Relations Coordinator at 314-246-8154 or