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How to Make a Tuition Payment

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Payment Options
Payment Due Dates
Making your tuition payment online
How to set-up your online account
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Payment Options

Tuition may be paid in one of following ways: 

1. By check:  All students will be mailed a paper billing statement around the 6th of each month as long as there is a balance due.  You may pay this bill by mailing a check to the following address.  Be sure to send the top half of the statement or write the student’s ID# on the check:

Webster University
P.O. Box 191165
St. Louis, MO  63119-7165 

2. By credit card, debit card (Master Card, VISA, Discover or American Express*) or electronic bank transfer:– This is only possible through your Online Account: When your student is registered with the CMS, you are given a student ID#,  and directed to contact our IT Help Desk to obtain assistance in setting up your online account. This is more environmentally friendly and allows you to view your account at any time to see your balance due, payments made, and discounts applied. It is a secure system.  *Please note there is a 2.75% convenience fee charged by the credit card companies when paying by credit card online. 

When you receive your paper statement, you will know that there is a balance is due and that your statement is ready to be viewed online. Log-in to  to view your statement and make a payment by credit card or electronic bank transfer.

3.  Set up automatic payments through personal bank directing bank to send check indicating student ID# to Webster University, PO Box 191165, St. Louis, MO 63119-7165  **Important Note: in most cases, bank payments are sent through the mail - they are not electronic tansfers.  Please allow 7-10 days for checks to be received by Webster University.

Monthly Payment Plan:  Students may choose to make monthly payments on their semester tuition charges. Those who select this option will be charged a monthly interest rate of 1.5% on the balance remaining after the first due date of each semester.  Failure to maintain the scheduled monthly payments may result in cancellation of lessons/classes/rehearsals.

There is a $25.00 fee for each returned check. If a check is returned, reimbursement must be made by money order or cash. 

Tuition from previous semester must be paid in full before students may register for the following semester. Members of orchestras or ensembles with unpaid CMS tuition balances from previous academic years for any CMS program must pay in full prior to auditions and the first rehearsal of each semester or will not be able to participate in the orchestra/ensemble. 

The Community Music School reserves the right to require those students with a history of delinquent payments to go into a “pre-payment” status, in which the student must pay IN FULL for the entire semester and any past due balances before enrollment may continue.

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Payment Due Dates

Payments must be posted to the students account on or before the dates shown below. Please allow time for receipt and processing:

Fall Statement Available Online By Payment Due Date*
August 8/6 9/1
September 9/6 10/1
October 10/6 11/1
November 11/6 12/1**
January 1/6 2/1
February 2/6 3/1
March 3/6 4/1
April 4/6 5/1**
June 6/6 7/1
July 7/6 8/1**

* A monthly 1.5% interest charge will be assessed on balances remaining on account after the first due date.  To avoid all interest charges, full tuition balance must be paid by first due date of each semester.  
**Account balances must be paid in full by these dates for continuous enrollment.

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Making Your Tuition Payment Online

CASHNet® is the university's partner in providing e-statements. Students will receive e-mail notifications each time a new billing statement is available, when there is a balance due. Parents may set up e-mail forwarding to have the notifications forwarded to a personal email address.

CASHNet® allows Community Music School bill payers to make online check payments/electronic checks in addition to credit card payments using MasterCard, Discover, VISA and American Express. A credit card convenience fee of 2.75% is applied. For security purposes, you may not pay by credit card over the phone or in person.

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How to Set-up Your Online Connections Account

When a student is registered for a CMS lesson, class or ensemble, an email is sent to the parent/bill payer with the student ID # and directions to contact our IT Help Desk (314-968-5995) who will assist you in setting up your account.  If you did not receive this email, contact the CMS office for assistance, (314) 968-5939 or e-mail 

Log-in to Your Student Account

Go to and log-in to Connections. This will require the student's Connections username and password determined when setting up the Connections account. You will then be able to view and pay your bill.

If multiple students from one family are enrolled at the CMS, you must have an account for each student and log-in to each separately.

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