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Teaching China

Through this program, Missouri teachers can acquire the knowledge and resources to incorporate China into their lessons, particularly in the humanities and social sciences. As one of the oldest surviving civilizations and a country of great political and economic significance today, China has relevance in a number of disciplines, from history to literature to economics. This program aims to prepare teachers who may feel that they lack the background or experience to address China in the context of their subjects.

The Teaching China Program will provide the teachers with the following resources:

  • Provides teachers and professors to do presentations and lectures about China and Chinese culture in your classroom;
  • Provides information for you to teach about China in your classroom
  • Organizes “Teaching China” seminar

More on the “Teaching China” Seminar

This seminar is free to all Missouri teachers, and specifically welcomes teachers of Social Studies, History, Literature, and World Languages. For teachers with demonstrated need, the Confucius Institute will sponsor accommodations. The Teaching China Seminar puts Missouri educators in contact with scholars and China experts to facilitate the development of lessons that incorporate China.

Seminar topics:

  1. Incorporating China into Early Modern World History
  2. Understanding Chinese Religious Beliefs
  3. China and World War II
  4. When and Why did Europe Historically Become More Powerful than China?
  5. The Imperatives of Development and Environment in Contemporary China
  6. Suggest your own topics and questions