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Bridging Eastern Practices and Western Brain Science– Mindful Meditation Virtual Workshop Series: July 8 to July 27

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dorcasfinalFor more than two thousand years, people have practiced eastern mindful meditations to promote health, harmony, happiness, longevity and well-being. Now, a growing body of western neuroscience research supports that these eastern meditation practices are good for our minds and bodies. Study findings reveal that psychologically, mindful meditation may reduce anxiety, improve mood, and decrease emotional reactivity. Furthermore, empirical evidence suggests that physically, these practices may strengthen the immune system, reduce blood pressure, and decrease cell aging.

Weaving together these ancient eastern meditation practices with modern western neuroscience understanding, participants will learn and experience simple yet potent meditation practices designed to still the mind, calm the body, develop increase response flexibility, cultivate self-compassion, and create more feelings of joy.

Join, Dr. Dorcas McLaughlin on July 8, 15, 22 (Wednesdays), and 27 (Monday) from 12 noon to 12:30 pm to learn and experience some basics of mindfulness meditations for improving attention, reducing stress, enhancing response flexibility, nurturing self-compassion and fostering joy. All are welcome, no prior meditation experience is necessary.


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Session Topics:

July 8: Introduction to mind-body awareness and health benefits

July 15: Emotional intelligence and regulation

July 22: Cultivating self-compassion

July 27: Practices for creating more joy

To join in, go to and click "join meeting." The meeting ID is 850 6499 7978. There is no password.

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Free Virtual Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Meditation: June 2 to July 2

meditationAre you looking for a way to stay active, stay connected, and boost your immunity in these times of "social distancing"? Come join our free, virtual Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Meditation class offered specially for the Webster University community.

Join us each Tuesday and Thursday at 12:40 pm for a 20 minute group lesson lead by expert teacher Violet Li.

Classes will be held via Zoom.

(Go to, click "Join a Meeting")


Meeting ID: 889-097-291

Password: 2VPD4w

Registration is not required, but recommended. Registrants will be invited to receive reminders an hour before the start of each session and will receive emails after each session with a link to a recording of the session: 

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  Meditation, Tai Chi and Qigong have great health benefits  for the mind and body. Let's stay healthy and connected as a community in these unusual times!

Bio: Master Violet Li is a 12th-generation Chen Style Tai Chi inheritor and award-winning journalist on Tai Chi & Qigong with a global readership of 40-some countries. She has taught thousands of people both locally and nation-wide and trained over several dozen instructors. She was also an adjunct professor of Mass Communications at Webster University.






The 12th Annual Saint Louis Area "Chinese Bridge" Competition

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Past Events

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April 9-May 12, 2020   Free Virtual Tai Chi Sessions: 

Feb. 26, 2020     "Drinking from the Dragon's Well: Tea in Chinese Art and Culture," a presentation by Steve Owyoung as part of the Webster University Diversity and Inclusion Conference

Feb. 20, 2020     Webster Film Series: Piano in a Factory

Feb. 16, 2020     Lunar New Year Celebration at the Webster Groves Public Library

Feb. 3, 2020      Lunar New Year Celebration at Webster

Jan. 31, 2020     Webster Film Series: Girls Always Happy

Dec. 7, 2019      Chinese Story Time at Webster Groves Public Library

Nov. 22, 2019     Celebration of France and China Cultural Exchange

Nov. 18, 2019      CHINA Town Hall

Sept. 3, 2019       Webster Film Series: Farewell My Concubine

Sept. 3, 2019       Webster Film Series: Comrades: Almost a Love Story

Sep. 16, 2019     Confucius Institute Hosts Exhibit, Demonstration with Chinese Artist Dengbai Yuejin

Sep. 13, 2019     Confucius Institute Hosts Academic Conference, Art Exhibit

Aug. 27, 2019     Confucius Institute Hosts Annual Teacher Training

Aug. 20, 2019     From Customs to Kung Fu: the Confucius Institute's Annual Chinese Summer Camp

Aug. 19, 2019     Chinese Professor Leads Master Class for Dance Summer Intensive, China Spotlight Series

Aug. 8, 2019      Two Countries, One World: International summer camp brings children from two countries together for a week of fun

Apr. 30, 2019     Confucius Institute Participates in Chinese Culture Days at Missouri Botanical Garden

Apr. 19, 2019     Confucius Institute Hosts Annual Chinese Bridge Competition

Mar. 25, 2019     The Confucius Institute Announces Affordable China Trip Summer 2019

Mar. 6, 2019     'Revolutionary Bodies: Eighty Years of Chinese Concert Dance' at the Diversity and Inclusion Conference

Feb. 18, 2019     Snapshots: Confucius Institute Hosts Lunar New Year Celebration

Nov. 7, 2018     Confucius Institute Events: Chairman Ni visit; annual teacher training workshop

Sep. 28, 2018    Highlights: 'Doing Business in China: What They Don't Teach You in Business School'

Sep. 6, 2018     CHINA Town Hall: A videoconference featuring Condoleezza Rice, with local lecture, reception

Apr. 16, 2018     Trade War? Webster University Hosts Expert on U.S.-China Economic Relations

Mar. 14, 2018     Snapshots: Bristol Elementary Students Celebrate Chinese New Year at Confucius Institute