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Gateway to the East International Summer Camp

Due to the ongoing concerns related to COVID-19, the Gateway to the East International Summer Camp has been canceled. Virtual summer programs for Chinese learning and enrichment are coming! Stay tuned!

Let us take you on a cross-cultural adventure!

brochure 2020We invite you to join us at a summer camp where the East meets the West. Each week, campers will engage in thematic projects and activities that integrate Chinese language and culture with all that St. Louis has to offer, from historical landmarks to the great outdoors. The campers will learn and explore together from intercultural perspectives while engaging in hi-tech and hands-on activities. They will build experience as global citizens while having a blast!




Participant age: 9-13 years old


Week I

iMovie: Exploring the Mystery in History

July 13-17, 2020 (9:00 AM-3:00 PM)

Key words: Cahokia, Sanxingdui, Mystery in History, Explore, iMovie

Over the course of this week, campers will become history detectives and use their imagination to uncover clues about what life was like in two ancient places-Cahokia Mounds in Illinois and Sanxingdui in Central China. Both archeological sites reveal a wealth of information about their cultures, and both disappeared mysteriously in history. Campers will explore the food, tools, clothes, and even games of both of these cultures, chatting with architects and historians to make sense of what is known. As they visit Cahokia Mounds and ponder mysteries, campers will work with their partners to document their journey via the video-editing app iMovie, linking ancient mysteries and modern technology.


Week III

Build It! From the Imperial Palace to the Arch

July 27-31, 2020 (9:00 AM-3:00 PM)

Key words: Architecture, Creation, Food

In this week campers will explore the miraculous world of architecture, delving into both the art and science of how different cultures create beautiful, sturdy structures. We will look at the Nanjing Garden at the Missouri Botanical Gardens and Saint Louis' Eads Bridge. Campers will come to see that architecture is full of pioneering stories. They will learn that the Chinese built the Imperial Palace without using a single nail, and that the first passenger on the Eads Bridge, the first steel bridge in the world, was a circus elephant! Whether it is their dream to one day design soaring buildings or whether they just want to build the perfect fort with their friends, this is a week of fun they won't want to miss.

This week's session also includes a special architect-guided tour to the Science Center and many fun creative building activities with peers, even using food to build tasty structures. By learning about bridges, highways, skyscrapers and famous landmarks, campers will develop their spatial awareness, start thinking like an architect, and understand the difference between Chinese and Western styles.

Week II

Happy Habitats

July 20- 24, 2020 (9:00 AM-3:00 PM)

Key words: Animals, Habitats, Animation, Virtual Reality

Have you ever wondered what it would take to raise a panda in your backyard, or have a pet turtle in your home? You might want to start by learning about these creatures' habitats-the places that provide them with the necessities of life. For a panda, those necessities might include lots and lots of bamboo, while a shark might care more about an abundance of salt water, or a flea might prefer the warm fur of your dog. Let's explore the astonishing variety of habitats on this planet, and the animals who inhabit them!
Campers will take trips to the St. Louis Zoo and Aquarium. They will observe how different animals interact with their specific habitats. Then, using virtual reality, campers will be transported to habitats in China, from the snow leopard hunting on the Qinghai Plateau to the pigeons pecking for food through the streets of Shanghai. Campers will also study Chinese martial arts and put themselves in the minds of different animals, imitating their movements and even personalities. Finally, campers will use basic techniques in animation to bring their own understanding on a specific habitat to life on the big screen!